What’s of worth in your wallet?  

Chapter two of Face of the Assassin, now available on Inkshares, reveals the true value of money when Javier Perez confronts Klaus Panzer and schools the older man in global economics. By instructing Panzer about what truly gives money its value, Javier goes out on a limb as the world’s wealthiest, most powerful man does not take kindly to being anything but in control.

Face of the Assassin on Inkshares


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A great big thank you to all the people who’ve already pre-ordered the novel.  I am very grateful for your faith and financial support.

I encourage everyone else to follow the link and pre-order the book.  Your support brings the campaign closer to succeeding so the entire story is published.  Your role in this is crucial, your actions will result in you being one of the very first to receive the complete published novel.

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Bill Brewer aka, William Schiele   


Like a brisk shadow crossing a dim alley, David Diegert returns in the thrilling sequel to Tears of the Assassin. Having saved his Mother, Diegert’s victory was short lived,  he and his Mom are now propelled into deeper, more complicated trouble than ever before. Face of the Assassin continues the tale of the world’s most skilled, but reluctant assassin as he finds himself drawn into the darkly powerful world of Klaus Panzer and the secret society of Crepusculous.

 I am very grateful for your support for my first book. I am now humbly asking that you check out the link to my new campaign page on Inkshares for Face of the Assassin.  Like before, I am seeking pre-orders so I can demonstrate reader interest in the continuing adventures of David Diegert and the world of Crepusculous.  Remember, Inkshares publishes the book after I reach the required threshold of pre-orders. You can be the first to make this happen by placing your pre-order today, the first day of the campaign! 


Please check it out, the first Chapter is available under the READ heading.  You’ll get to see what happens immediately after the end of the first book. 

Thank you very much.

Your grateful Author, 

William "Bill" Schiele

Dear Faithful Followers of the reluctant assassin David Diegert, 

 Recently Tears of the Assassin was read by the Kirkus Review. You can read the whole review through the link, but here’s a juicy sentence in which they sum up their reaction to the story. 

 A whirlwind debut, packed with excitement, espionage, and an increasingly dangerous main character who never lets up. - Kirkus Review

 Kirkus Review of Tears of the Assassin: https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/william-schiele/tears-assassin/

For all my readers who’ve completed Tears of the Assassin, I’m writing the sequel as fast as I can.  You will soon see how David’s life takes an unexpected turn requiring him to rely on his skills, while his sense of purpose is torn. 

As always, I appreciate your support. 


Bill Brewer (William Schiele)

Thriller Fans, in two weeks, July 11th, I will be headed to NYC to attend ThrilerFest.  This genre’ specific conference brings together the biggest names writing thriller novels for four days of inspiration,
education and celebration.  I will take part in the Debut Authors Program.  Check out the link for a Q&A spotlight about Tears of the Assassin on Book Trib.    ThrillerFest Q&A

Drop me a reply if you’re in NYC, I’d love to meet more fans of Inkshares.

Also, today is your last chance to help Ferd Crotte in the Nerdist Contest. Mission 51 is an awesome book and he could use your help to get it published through this very tight contest. https://www.inkshares.com/books/mission-51

All the Best,

William Schiele  

 Dear Fans of the Assassin, Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads! 

Local ADK is a free magazine distributed primarily in the Adirondacks of Upstate New York.  It’s a beautiful magazine dedicated to high-quality photography and journalism.  Tears of the Assassin is featured on the summer issue’s "Bookshelf" page.  

Check out the rest of the issue for an amazing article on Bees and lots of excellent advice for outdoor adventures in the Adirondacks. This magazine is so wonderful and of such high quality, I’m shocked it’s distributed for free.
If you like the outdoors, even just to look at through your window, you’re going to love the photography!



Two things for your consideration my appreciated readers,

1. I’m loving Peter Ryan’s book, Sync City. The writing is fabulous, taut yet unhurried. The rapport between Jack and Mikey is genuine and affecting. Jack is like the John Wayne of a time-fractured future. Tough and gruff with a heart of gold.  I look forward to reading the rest of the book. You’re going to love it.  

2. When you’ve finished reading Tears of the Assassin, please post a review on Amazon.  Reviews are critical to a successful campaign on Amazon. Please take a moment and post a review, the impact you will have is more than know and really valuable to the success of the book.  Thank you for your time and keep reading.  Tears of the Assassin on Amazon

William Schiele 

Dear Fans of the Assassin, 

Today is the official publication date for Tears of the Assassin. As many are already aware, the book has been emerging on the scene with stealth and impact.  Immediate reactions from readers reveal that this book took them by surprise and hit them hard, with its gripping story. 

If you have not yet received your pre-ordered copy, be vigilante of your mail box for the assassin is able to arrive unexpectedly with a forceful entry into your reading life.   

I wish to thank all my supporters and the early backers who, with only faith and belief, took a chance on this project, allowing it to succeed. Now that the assassin is loose, the game changes from one of publication to that of popularity.  If you like the story, please assist me by telling your friends and posting about it on social media. You can also place a review on the bookselling sites of Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Your enthusiasm for the story is a powerfully convincing factor in the spread of the word about Tears of the Assassin.  Thank you, and with the assassin now on mission assignment, to look over your shoulder is not an unwarranted act of paranoia.  

William Schiele 


Dear E-Readers, and all others.

Today the e-books of Tears of the Assassin were released.  If you pre-ordered an e-reader, then check your e-mail for the arrival of your story.  Paper copies are set for distribution Feb. 7th.  E-readers can now enter the world of David Diegert. A world of intrigue, danger and betrayal, in which a young man must find his way with an underdeveloped moral compass that is spinning out of control.  The challenges before him will draw you into his heart and mind, where you will feel the frustration, the anger, the hope and the triumph of a man forced into conflicting missions.  Only a sharp, focused mind, with a heart of steel and a quick trigger finger, will survive and succeed in Tears of the Assassin.      

William Schiele

Dear Fans of the Assasin, Earlier this week I signed all the pre-ordered paper copies of Tears of the Assassin. Today I shipped them back to California for distribution on the publication date of Feb. 7th.  I gotta tell ya, it was really cool to see my book in print.  To hold in my hands the cover, the words, the story, it was very gratifying.  I know I have all of you to thank for that surreal experience of book building culmination!.  With gratitude and appreciation, I thank you for your support.  I would also appreciate it if you would check out my Willian Schiele Facebook page.  Thanks


My generous supporters and enthusiastic readers. I am writing with news that the publication date for Tears of the Assassin has been rescheduled for February 7th 2017. Like you, I was anticipating a near-Christmas release, but Inkshares has grown faster than they could’ve imagined.  Good news for the company, but the production process of my book is slowed by the books ahead of me. Inkshares wants to make certain that all the books they publish are of the highest quality.  

In the meantime, I am working on a sequel which you will get to read after Tears of the Assassin becomes a published success.  I urge all of you following me, who have yet to purchase, to take the step, read the eight chapters I’ve posted on Inkshares and make that purchase.  For those who have purchased, please share this novel with one friend. Just one. If each person, who has purchased, successfully introduces a friend, who purchases, sales of Tears of the Assassin would double.  I know it’s a lot to hope for but just remember your enthusiasm is far more convincing to your friends than mine. I appreciate your efforts and I look forward to February when the book is published and in your hands.  

All links go to the Inkshares website: Tears of the Assassin

Gratefully yours,

William Schiele   


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