Hello there! Been a while, hasn’t it! I wanted to pop in and let you all know about my latest project, The Red Opera RPG which is currently in its last 24 hours on Kickstarter! This book was a collaborative effort with some other awesome authors you all may know, Rick Heinz, Pat Edwards, Joseph Asphahani, and others! Come take a look!

We’ve got a lot of awesome stuff over on our Kickstarter, even a handmade Leather version of the book, too! So epic! 

Additionally, as our last Stretch Goal, we even have a guest appearance by Domadred Steele, one of the main characters from my novel, Rune of the Apprentice! So head on over to our Kickstarter page and...

My dreams are written in words  an access to Fiza Hasan · Author · added over 4 years ago
 Yay! Can’t wait to read more!

Masters and Apprentices!

So excited to announce we are approaching the two-year publication anniversary of Rune of the Apprentice! How cool! In the coming months, I will have some awesome news about RUNE’s sequel, Oath of the Apprentice, and an illustrated novella called Shadow of the Moon, which takes place between RUNE and OATH!

Before I tell you about all that, however, I am first proud to announce that my next book, a graphic novel entitled The Last Amazon, will be published this November, right on the two year anniversary of RUNE! 

The Last Amazon is set in the same universe as The Rune Chronicles and serves as a prequel to RUNE. Truth be told, I could not be happier to share this book (and exclusive Inkshares 20% discount below) with all of you!

David Granjo (the illustrator) and I have poured our heart and souls into this book and I could not be more proud of it! We’ve crafted a book par excellence, and our printer onthemark has produced an epic "making of" video of our foil covers. Click HERE to watch the video and see our press proofs comes to life!  

Better yet, to celebrate all you awesome people who supported RUNE, I am excited to offer a 20% pre-order discount on The Last Amazon. Just enter "INKSHARES" in the Apotheosis Studios checkout screen! EZPZ!  

The code will only work for a little while longer! So don’t wait! Snag your signed copy by clicking HERE now!   

Again, this book is set in the same universe as Rune of the Apprentice and sheds light on how our planet was first shaped by catastrophe, and then molded by a few brave souls into the fantastical world of Terra--which you all have come to know so well.

Filled with Artifical Intelligence, post-apocalyptic espionage, and art that will blow your mind, The Last Amazon is a photo-realistic graphic novel, the kind of which has never been seen before!


Fellow Masters and Apprentices, this is a book you will not want to miss out on. And don’t forget to snag your 20% pre-order discount! Just enter "INKSHARES" in the Apotheosis Studios checkout screen! The code will only work for a little while longer! So don’t wait! Snag your signed copy by clicking HERE now!  

Your support--both on RUNE, and now on The Last Amazon--means the world to me! THANK YOU!

RUNE’s Two Year Crowdfunding Anniversary and a New Crowdfunding Campaign is Live!

Hello fellow Apprentices and Masters! I just got back from Baltimore Comic Con where we celebrated the 2 year anniversary of our first RUNE Booth! It was also Freya’s very first Comic Con this weekend, and yes, she is sporting a “Straight Outta Asgard” shirt! #WinningAtParenting ?

So wild, just over two years ago we started this whole crowd funding thing, and you all have been with us every step of the way! What a trip it has been! Even as I type these words, I can hear Becca and Freya laughing in the other room! From the bottom of my heart I thank you! The picture below (my first booth ever!) makes be both smile and cringe, but I have learned a lot, and look forward to many more books, booths—and maybe—babies :) But I digress...

I wish to thank all of you for making Rune of the Apprentice possible. If reading it gave you even a fraction of the joy I had writing it, then I consider it a wild success! In that vein, I also would like to humbly request that you leave RUNE a quick review on Amazon by clicking here or by going to www.RuneOfTheApprentice.com It will only take you a moment and will ensure that I can publish many more books in the future—both sequels AND prequels! 

Which leads me to my next crowdfunding project called The Last Amazon and it just went LIVE! Yes, you heard right, on the 2 year anniversary of starting my crowdfunding campaign for Rune of the Apprentice I launched the crowdfunding campaign for The Last Amazon, an Epic Graphic Art Novel on Kickstarter! Yay! Go check it out by clicking here!

Fear not, fans of RUNE, for The Last Amazon is a prequel to RUNE and The Rune Chronicles. This story arc not only shows how a desperate human race got from a broken earth to the technologically majestic world of Terra, but also chronicles the birth of Terra’s creator, Numen Consciousness! I am excited beyond words for this book and so proud to be partnered up with David Granjo, illustrator extraordinaire! He is a truly magnificent artist, and now, dear friend! 

David and I have so many awesome things planned for this 96 page, 9 x 12 Landscape "Graphic Novel!" Art of this caliber deserves nothing less than the highest quality of inks, printing, hardcover, and care, something which Inkshares is unable to do. To learn more about this epic project click here or go to www.TheLastAmazon.com. If you want to bring this epic near-future sci-fi graphic novel to life, please back it now!

Again, our Kickstarter is now LIVE and taking pledges! How awesome! We are so excited to share more info about The Last Amazon with you in the coming days, so stay tuned. For now I will leave you with these awesome action illustrations below and give you this warning—the fall of liberty is upon us! Beware! To learn more go to www.TheLastAmazon.com

Please support my new book today at www.TheLastAmazon.com THANK YOU!

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Big congrats, Jamison!  You’ve not only added to your viking ninja army ranks, but also have taken the bold leap into video gaming!  I look forward to reading all about your journey.  We are on the same wave length- I’ve had plans for 2 Mechcraft video games, but have not pursued that aspect yet.  Gotta get the first book out before I branch out.
I’d love any advice you can give for pitching and making a deal with a game dev.
I can’t wait to see how this plays out for you- it’s going to be great!

Baby Freya is now 2 months old! Jeez! The past few months has been a whirlwind of love, excitement, family, and sleep deprivation! 

(Full post can be read on my blog HERE to see future posts sign up to my newsletter HERE)

Despite the newfound groggy-eyed joys of fatherhood, I have still been hard at work not only on RUNE’s sequel (Oath of the Apprentice), but also on an exciting new Indie Video Game project called Shadow of the Moon (which takes place chronologically between The Rune Chronicles books 1 and 2). I’m so excited to tell you about this game I’m shaking... Or is that the coffee which is currently keeping me awake?! The world may never know...

Many of you might remember Shadow of the Moon from the collaborative Inkshares video game anthology I was a part of called Too Many Controllers. Yes, that same book which "won" the Nerdist and Inkshares Video Game Publishing Contest. (And yes, thanks for asking, I am still sore about the book being canned.) Well, some friends and I were talking about how TMC being canceled shouldn’t be the death of such a great story. We were sad, however, because Shadow of the Moon was written with video game mechanics at its core, and therefore, did not really read well (make sense) as a stand alone literary work.

I kept on trying to figure out a way around this because Shadow of the Moon’s female protagonist, Zera, is featured heavily as a main character in The Rune Chronicles Book 2: Oath of the Apprentice. I could not get over how cool Zera’s background and unique motivations were and desperately wanted readers to have a chance, if they were interested, to know more about her and why she was such a bad ass. Sadly, try as I might, I could not find a good fix to the logistical story problems and was stumped for months! 

Well, during the days following Freya’s birth I came to the crazy conclusion that if I could not "write" a solution for the story dilemma, the only "logical" course of action was to actually turn Shadow of the Moon into a full fledged indie video game! GG EZ Fix! 

I must have been profoundly sleep deprived because changing mediums would add a huge, exponential multiplier to the amount of work required. Like, There are no words which can adequately describe how much more effort making a video game, even an indie, will be. But I have been working on this project for two months now, and trust me folks, Zera’s story is, hot damn, well worth it! Truly. 

Seen above is Zera, the protagonist of Shadow of the Moon, and I have so much more I’m dying to share with you all! We have art, game design mechanics, real to life martial arts, and even code for our custom SDL game engine (which should run a playable demo soon.) Its crazy awesome how much cool shit will be in this game! And the story, oh how the story has grown and evolved! 

All of this is thanks to our amazingly talented team. Despite my sleepless nights, I have been able to gather a super dedicated group over at Apotheosis Studios to help me transform my novella into a Rogue-like Action-Adventure, 2D Top Down, RPG Video Game of epic, pixelated proportions! (Think Hyper Light Drifter meets Darkest Dungeon meets Bastion. Yes, you heard me right--we are not fucking around. This game is the real deal.)

I am leading this fearless indie dev team as Creative Director/Writer and so far we have 2 other writers/designers, 1 programmer, 1 editor/marketer, 2 "interns", a wolf, and a viking baby! What could possibly go wrong?!?! If you want to join our ranks, hit me up at @StoneJamison  (Currently we are looking for a pixel and/or sprite artist, and music composer, btw!)

I’m also super excited to say that I will documenting our game progress on my blog HERE with an Apotheosis Studios Indie Game Dev Blog Series! I have so much more to share (and some really killer art) but will save those additional details about the game for the "official" blog series, so stay tuned! And yes, I will be doing all of this with a new baby. Many believe I have lost my mind, which if true, should make this game and RUNE’s sequel pretty freaking awesome, haha!

All jokes aside, buckle up Masters and Apprentices and get ready for many more blog posts to come. I am so excited to not only share developments and updates on Shadow of the Moon game development, but also how my wife and I raise our Viking Ninja baby girl. 

And in case you are wondering how one raises a little Viking Ninja baby girl in 2017... Well, I’m not really sure, but I figure age and gender appropriate toys (swords, obviously!); good role models (bad ass active duty Army musician mommy and Zera of Shadow of the Moon!); and a loving, strong, and supportive daddy (I’m still growing out my "Ragnar Viking haircut") is a good place to start!

Stay tuned via my news letter HERE and I’ll let you know how it all goes! 

Oh, and P.S. if you have not yet posted a review for Rune of the Apprentice on Amazon Dear god, please do so! We currently have 66 reviews, but need 100+! It really helps! Seriously! Thank you!

  1. Military Family Charity Donations
  2. MP3 Audiobook CD  
  3. New Vai’kel Map! 

1. Military Family Charity Donations

Excited to say we have our final pre-order royalties numbers all figured out! The grand total came to $2,806.33 (again, this was triple checked/confirmed by Inkshares)! So very excited to get these hard earned funds to our four designated Military family charities! With February nearly over, it has been both suggested and requested that I wait until next quarter (just over a month from now) to submit, and I will follow up with you all both here and on my blog once the donations have been made! 

Additionally, if you all remember, when my Inkshares campaign ended in October of 2015, I also made my own independent $10,000.00 discretionary grant to ’Our Military Kids’ to support their fabulous work. Although not connected to my RUNE campaign or my pre-order charity pledges, I had really wanted to do all in my power to aid these communities. ’Our Military Kids’ no doubt put those funds to good use, and will do likewise with their share the new funds they are soon to receive!

Thank you all for your help and support in this. We were able to raise a good deal of money for some great organizations! Yay!

2. MP3 Audiobook CD

Shiro has an important announcement! The MP3 Audiobook CD of Rune of the Apprentice is now available! It’s only $9.99 and super awesome! Not only a perfect collector’s item, this is a wonderful option for those who want the audiobook, but just don’t like digital. And no, I’m sorry I don’t think they are making a cassette tape edition, so we will all have to settle with only CDs! I highly suggest you listen to a free sample HERE! Enjoy!

3. New Vai’kel Map!

Amazing artist M. S. Corley and I are 95% done with the new Vai’kel map! How exciting! For the next update, I think I am going to do an entire post showing exactly how I made it (with pictures of each step along the way) but for now you can have a seek peak below! Again, I cannot speak more highly of M. S. Corley (if you remember he did RUNE’s cover) and am so excited to show you all the finished map soon! Super stoked to also collaborate with him on the cover art for RUNE’s sequel, Oath of the Apprentice. 

Alright, that’s all for now! Thank you all for your support with the charity campaign! I am so proud of our community for making this happen! And, lastly, if you have not yet reviewed RUNE on Amazon and/or Goodreads, good god, please do! THANK YOU! :)

"I was immediately captivated by the world created by Stone; the world of a teenage boy, Aleksi, cast out of innocence into the machinations of adult politics and manipulation. Aleksi is forced into a life of danger, uncertainty and the possibility for a hopeful, better future. He has the skills and the magic, does he have the courage?" ―David Atekpatzin Young, Native American Storyteller and Healer, author of Chicansimo and A Magic Feather   

  1. Awesome Art
  2. Need Your Amazon Stars Today
  3. Podcast Interview on Geek Questioner
  4. Sequel

1. Awesome Art

"The light meant only one thing—Rudra was right, Aleksi’s Rune had begun to awaken."  

I wanted to highlight some awesome RUNE art by Andrea Olalia ‏@andreaolali. She was SUPER helpful during my Boston Prudential Center Barnes & Noble signing, and in addition be being a really great person, is a wonderful artist, too! Thank you Andrea! 

2. Need Your Amazon Stars Today

Super happy to report RUNE has a 4.6 average for its 37 reviews on Amazon! BUT I NEED YOUR STARS, TOO! It only takes a few clicks, but has a HUGE impact! Please click HERE to add your review now!

Please, please, please don’t wait! Your review is important and only with YOUR help will I hit the "magic Amazon algorithm number" of 100 reviews (again, we have 37/100). Hitting the 100 mark kicks Amazon marketing in to full gear and it will take you less than a minute to do. Click HERE to add your stars now, THANK YOU!

3. Interview on Geek Questioner Podcast

I had an awesome time with Charlie Hoover and Markus Christopher during my podcast interview for Geek Questioner! We talked about cosplaying as Aleksi, being a lifelong gamer, having Ripley as a mom, the awesomeness of Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman, looking through Palpatine’s calendar, idiot xenobiologists, audio book production, and so much more! You can listen to the interview HERE!  

4. Sequel 

RUNE has been an awesomely wild ride and it’s far from over! I’ve been hard at work on the sequel and in a month or two will have a final version of the map of Vai’kel completed, too! It’s been SUCH a blast to write the continuing adventures of Aleksi, Domadred, Beck, Saiya, Brayden, Fa’ell and all the rest. Stay tuned for images of Vai’kel and a more detailed update on the sequel soon! 

I know it may seem unrelated, but your Amazon review for RUNE is truly important, and actually has a deep impact on the sequel’s publication! For the sake of everyone on Terra, do not tarry! Please post your review NOW! THANK YOU! 

"Jamison Stone cleverly weaves fantasy and realism to create a rollicking naval adventure that is immediately captivating. With plenty of suspense, interesting characters, and an imaginative story, Rune of the Apprentice is a very memorable read, indeed!" -Rear Admiral Bill Roberts, USN(ret)

  1. Signings
  2. Reviews
  3. Audiobook
  4. She-Fi Video Interview
  5. Military Family Charities
1. Signings

Been having a blast traveling all over doing book signings and events for RUNE! The support from readers, friends, family, and random awesome people have been so wonderful! HUGE shout out to Alex Benton, Rick Heinz, Peter Parcell, Dana Kingsbury, and Chris Stone for hosting me! You guys rock! THANK YOU!

2. Reviews!

RUNE needs your stars! So far we have 24 reviews and we need 100 for Amazon’s magic algorithms to kick in. I’ve been told that when we get 100, RUNE will get bumped up to the next level of Amazon promotion which is hugely important! So, PLEASE log in and add your review HERE. I know it’s a pain, but even just your stars are truly impactful! 

As you can see above, RUNE has an awesome average of 4.7 stars on Amazon. Again, we have 24 reviews but need 100 which means that we NEED NEED NEED your stars! Even if writing reviews online is not your thing, at least just add stars by 1) going HERE, 2) clicking the "Write a customer review" button, and 3) adding stars. This should take you only a minute but has a huge impact. We are a quarter of the way to the important "100 reviews" mark, so please, please, please add yours today!

3. Audiobook 

OK, this is so awesome! I’ve been listening to the audiobook and am in love with how it came out! Our narrator, Kevin T. Collins, has done a truly wonderful job and I could not be more pleased! I HIGHLY recommend folks go check out a sample HERE. And better yet, you can get it FREE if this is your first Amazon Audiobook! 

Hearing my words recounted in such a stunning way is such a surreal experience, and I know you will enjoy it, too! Seriously, go listen to the sample! Additionally, the story and voice seems to be resonating well with other listeners, too, because currently the audiobook’s Amazon Best Sellers Rank is:

#130 in Books >;;; Audible Audiobooks >;;; Science Fiction >;;; Adventure 
#211 in Books >;;; Audible Audiobooks >;;; Fantasy >;;; Epic

Pretty good rankings, eh? Kevin T. Collins has different voices for each character and reads elegantly, matching the flow and cadence of the story perfectly. But don’t take my word for it, go check out the sample and remember you can get the audiobook for FREE if it’s your first Amazon Audiobook! Yay!

4. She-Fi Video Interview

Another really cool thing: very excited to share a video interview with Aimee Dansereau and Sarah Cooke of She-Fi. They both really enjoyed the book and it was a blast speaking with them about some of the deeper aspects behind/within the story and characters. Their blog/vlog is dedicated to their love of "all things nerdy" and it was an honor that RUNE received such high praise from them. 

Below is their review and click HERE to watch the interview. 

“Rune of the Apprentice” is a fantasy and science-fiction adventure ride through a rich world of runes, magic, technology, stunning natural settings, beautifully eclectic and diverse cultures and people all set during a time of war and political upheaval. The characters are sympathetic and compelling. Jamison Stone has put a lot of imagination, passion, and detail into telling this story, and we can’t wait to read his future novels." --She-Fi Review

5. Military Family Charities

Just wanted to give a quick update on this. Several months ago, Inkshares switched over to a quarterly royalty payment system which means that I have not yet been paid for all of the RUNE pre-order royalties. When I do, however, I will make a dedicated blog post with a breakdown and then submit the actual donations themselves. How exciting! Thank you all!

“Rune of the Apprentice” is so much more than just about a runaway apprentice. It is a story about destiny, magic, pirates, and spaceships! This world that the author has created leaps off the pages and drags you into a magic world... Gods, magic, and more await the reader! The characters were great. Each had their own voices and had great depth. “Rune of the Apprentice” ends on a killer cliffhanger, so be warned!! I really can’t wait for the next one!" --Night Owl Reviews

p.s. And remember, PLEASE write a review today (or at least add stars) on Amazon! We need 100 reviews and are a quarter of the way there! THANK YOU!

Hello Masters and Apprentices! 

  1. Hardcovers Shipping This Week!
  2. Exclusive Letter In Hardcover Edition
  3. Signings / Events
  4. Reviews

1. Hardcovers Shipping This Week

For the past few weeks, I feel like I have been in a mental daze as I’ve watched RUNE’s official release date quickly approach. This emotive state of tense anticipation--filled with excitement, fear, and hope--is now coming to its apex, because after so many long months of waiting, the physical copies of Rune of the Apprentice are finally being shipped out!

This whole experience has been been both an exciting and terrifying experience. Some of you will be surprised to hear this, but I am actually a deeply introverted person. So going to conventions and meeting new people and sharing such an intimate thing as my first novel has been personally challenging beyond words. (In truth, the only way I could do it was by dressing up in cosplay!) Although immeasurably stress provoking, putting myself out there in such a personal way--and risking humiliation, failure, and ridicule--has forced me to grow in ways I never imagined possible. You all have allowed me this opportunity to share myself on such a visceral level, and for that I am eternally grateful. It is my deepest hope that you enjoy the epic journey that is Rune of the Apprentice and take as much pleasure in its world and characters as I have. 

In that vein, many of you have already downloaded your ebooks and told me via email and Twitter (@stonejamison) how much you are enjoying the novel--thank you so much for your kind notes! It also warmed my heart to see a new blog review posted by THE NERDY GIRL EXPRESS yesterday. Words cannot describe the joy I feel when learning of a new set of readers who resonates so deeply with my story and its characters. RUNE was a labor of love and I am filled with gratitude knowing that people are enjoying reading it as much as I enjoyed writing and sharing it with the world. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for making this experience possible not only for me, but each and every reader, too! 

(An excerpt of THE NERDY GIRL EXPRESS review is at the bottom of this update -- but click HERE to read the full version.)

2. Exclusive Letter In Hardcover Edition

Sadly, due to logistics outside of our control, we were unable to get the hardcovers signed by launch date. In fact, Inkshares actually had to perform some publishing magic to get the books printed and shipped to you on time. 

BUT to make it up to you all, I have personally (at my own expense) designed and printed a special letter to be included in each physical copy of the novel. This letter includes the fateful and prophetic message to RUNE’s main character, Aleksi--sent by his exiled mentor, Master Rudra. This is the letter which not only spurs the epic journey of Rune of the Apprentice, but also serves as a cryptic guide to our young hero upon his tumultuous adventure.

Embedded within the letter is both guidance and warning to Aleksi, and although confusing (for both him and you, the reader!) it is my hope that having your own physical copy will help you discern, decipher, and be able to find each and every prophetic hint and reference hidden within Rudra’s message. Seriously, every line of this letter is in direct reference to the events of the story and directly correlate to Aleksi’s trials and tribulations. I think I will run a special giveaway for people who can find all of the references. Think you "catch’em" all?

The only way to get this physical version of the letter is either by pre-ordering the book like you all have, or meeting me in person at a convention or book signing. I have also included a brief thank you note from me at the end, too. I want to mention, I won’t be the one physically folding and inserting these letters into the books being shipped to you this week--that noble task was graciously accepted by Elena Stofle of Inkshares, who has truly earned over a thousand thank-you’s (there are a lot of books being sent out, folks.) I have been folding my own set of letters in preparation for upcoming signings, and I can tell you this is no small feat.

Which leads me to my next topic...

3. Signings / Events

As a reminder to Boston people, this Saturday at 2:00 pm is the Official launch of RUNE at the Prudential Center Barnes & Noble so please come get your copy signed and/or tell a Massachusetts friend about the event! But if you do not live close to Boston, fear not, we have some other awesome signings scheduled. Here is our ever growing list below! 

  • Oct 29th, Barnes & Noble Prudencial Center - Boston, MA (2:00 - 4:00)
  • Nov 10th, Proctor Academy - Andover, NH (all day)
  • Nov 11th, Buffalo Books - Ithaca, NY (5:30 - 7:00 pm)
  • Nov 13th, South Maryland Comic Con (all day)
  • Nov 18th Bookends & Beginnings - Evanston, IL (6:00 - 7:30 pm)
  • Nov 19th, Barnes & Noble Napersville - Napersville, IL (12:00 - 2:00)
  • Dec 1st, Fort Lee Exchange - Fort Lee, VA (all day)
  • Dec 9th, Langley AFB - Hampton, VA (all day)
  • Dec 12th Third Eye Comics - Annapolis, MD (7:00 pm)
I will be making Facebook events for each of these signings on RUNE’s Official Facebook page HERE so please head on over and hit it up with a "like" so you don’t miss the invite! 

4. Reviews

I cannot stress this enough: Rune of the Apprentice and I NEED NEED NEED your review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes & Noble! I know it’s a pain, and most people don’t know what to say--but just stars a few honest words is all that is required, and that small time investment from you will help both this project and me tendentiously. You can start posting reviews on all three sites NOW, so once you have read the book, PLEASE click the links below and share your stars and review. And if you have already read the book, please post your review NOW! It really means the world to me and will have a profound impact on the book’s success. THANK YOU!

  1. Amazonhttps://www.amazon.com/Rune-Apprentice-Jamison-Stone/dp/1941758916
  2. Goodreadshttps://www.goodreads.com/book/show/28650517-rune-of-the-apprentice
  3. Barnes & Noblewww.barnesandnoble.com/w/rune-of-the-apprentice-jamison-stone/1123466804

This has already been a really long update, so I will keep my sign off quick: Words cannot convey the feelings in my heart. I am so humbled to be able to have my book in your hands. It is both an honor and privileged. Thank you. 

"With Jamison Stone, you get a writer who clearly understands the epic fantasy audience, yet also must find a way to appeal to readers who rarely explore these kinds of books. I belong to the latter group. The key here is to excel at characterization and plot, as Stone does. In addition, I found that Stone’s writing has an almost poetic allure where there is a beautiful and insightful rhythm to his word choices. Stone’s writing style is quite seductive. Like an artist, Stone uses descriptive words as his brush, meticulously painting each character... I applaud Stone for demonstrating his incredible writing ability, psychological insight and descriptive flair in his first novel. Rune of the Apprentice offers readers a memorable experience." --THE NERDY GIRL EXPRESS (click HERE to read the full review.)

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