Jamison Stone's latest update for Rune of the Apprentice

Jan 19, 2017

  1. Awesome Art
  2. Need Your Amazon Stars Today
  3. Podcast Interview on Geek Questioner
  4. Sequel

1. Awesome Art

"The light meant only one thing—Rudra was right, Aleksi’s Rune had begun to awaken."  

I wanted to highlight some awesome RUNE art by Andrea Olalia ‏@andreaolali. She was SUPER helpful during my Boston Prudential Center Barnes & Noble signing, and in addition be being a really great person, is a wonderful artist, too! Thank you Andrea! 

2. Need Your Amazon Stars Today

Super happy to report RUNE has a 4.6 average for its 37 reviews on Amazon! BUT I NEED YOUR STARS, TOO! It only takes a few clicks, but has a HUGE impact! Please click HERE to add your review now!

Please, please, please don’t wait! Your review is important and only with YOUR help will I hit the "magic Amazon algorithm number" of 100 reviews (again, we have 37/100). Hitting the 100 mark kicks Amazon marketing in to full gear and it will take you less than a minute to do. Click HERE to add your stars now, THANK YOU!

3. Interview on Geek Questioner Podcast

I had an awesome time with Charlie Hoover and Markus Christopher during my podcast interview for Geek Questioner! We talked about cosplaying as Aleksi, being a lifelong gamer, having Ripley as a mom, the awesomeness of Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman, looking through Palpatine’s calendar, idiot xenobiologists, audio book production, and so much more! You can listen to the interview HERE!  

4. Sequel 

RUNE has been an awesomely wild ride and it’s far from over! I’ve been hard at work on the sequel and in a month or two will have a final version of the map of Vai’kel completed, too! It’s been SUCH a blast to write the continuing adventures of Aleksi, Domadred, Beck, Saiya, Brayden, Fa’ell and all the rest. Stay tuned for images of Vai’kel and a more detailed update on the sequel soon! 

I know it may seem unrelated, but your Amazon review for RUNE is truly important, and actually has a deep impact on the sequel’s publication! For the sake of everyone on Terra, do not tarry! Please post your review NOW! THANK YOU! 

"Jamison Stone cleverly weaves fantasy and realism to create a rollicking naval adventure that is immediately captivating. With plenty of suspense, interesting characters, and an imaginative story, Rune of the Apprentice is a very memorable read, indeed!" -Rear Admiral Bill Roberts, USN(ret)