Greetings, adventurers!

Sorry for the lack of #MushAnch Monday this month--and sorry in advance for the lack thereof for next month, as well. There is a reason for this. Things have gotten very busy around here in the past few weeks, and that’s about to ramp up, because after a year of trying, we’re finally moving! 

I don’t have any updates for you on the book front as I continue to wait patiently for news, myself. It’s my hope that this beautiful time of year finds you well, and I hope to be back and updating regularly again in December.

Thanks for your patience!

May your travels be fraught with wonder and just enough peril to keep them interesting,

K. M. Cooper

Greetings, adventurers!

Happy #MushAnch Monday!

I have to take a moment to apologize! I was on vacation and was all over the place last month, and I made a personal decision not to bring my laptop with me when visiting family, so, when 2 weeks went by and I realized I hadn’t updated you, I thought that waiting until September instead would be a better idea. I’ve also been experiencing some extreme exhaustion, meaning that several things fell to the wayside during August. Unfortunately, this update was one of those things.

The last two months were really hectic and, in a lot of ways, not really great months. The good news is, though, that I’ve come out the other side with an exciting announcement: my husband and I are looking forward to welcoming our newest addition to the family in March 2020. We’re all very excited, and our daughter is thrilled about being a big sister. You may have heard this news already if you follow me on YouTube or Twitch, but if not, well, surprise! Here’s a little video of the reveal, by the way—I was very excited to announce in this way!

I don’t have any book news for you at the moment—which likely isn’t a huge surprise, as I wasn’t too concerned about accidentally skipping last month’s update. I do have a few other projects that I’ve been silently working on in the background, including plans for a new novel. I’m continuing to post up my weekly webcomic, Retail Hell, and my online cooking show on Twitch has been going exceedingly well. Cooking videos were something else I took a break from in August but I’m hoping to get back to them soon.

Thanks for your patience while I get myself re-oriented!

May your adventures be fraught with wonder and just enough peril to keep them interesting,
K. M. Cooper
Greetings, adventurers!

Happy #MushAnch Monday!

How was your June? Mine was filed with very extreme highs and very extreme lows. In some ways, it was a good month, but in others, I’m very glad to be leaving it behind. 
I’m starting work on my next novel as we speak—slowly getting the general plans fleshed and hashed out and gathering ideas. I seem to have been hit with a sudden bombardment of ideas and I’m trying to gather them all in different piles—as it stands, I have 4 stories I want to write, and… no overarching plots for any of them. Sigh.

Twitch continues to go well for me—in fact, just today I was made the Streamer of the Week by my stream team, Bone-In! I’m putting up monthly recipes on my YouTube channel as well. There are no updates on the book at the moment, but there’s definitely a lot going on creatively for me, and a lot of free content you can enjoy, too! 

May your adventures be fraught with wonder and just enough peril to keep them interesting, 
K. M. Cooper

Greetings, adventurers! 

Oops... I did it again. Mushroom and Anchovy Monday is a Tuesday again this month. I apologize! 

I have no updates today, so I’m going to keep it exceedingly brief! Check out my YouTube June Roundup (and maybe hit the "like" and "subscribe" buttons while you’re there) for all the stuff I’m doing this month! And, you can join me tonight on Twitch for some culinary shenanigans! 8:30 PM ADT! Hope to see you there! 

Until next time, may your travels be fraught with wonder and just enough peril to keep them interesting, K. M. Cooper

Greetings, adventurers! 

 I made... a small error. You see, I’m supposed to do #MushAnchMonday on Monday. This is Tuesday. Oops. Sorry, everyone! Honestly, it completely slipped my mind. 

I have no new updates on the book, but I did, however, get the opportunity to read from it last week at an event at Cafe Cognito here in Moncton. I read excerpts from both chapters 1 and 4 of Mushroom and Anchovy, as well as a touch of my poetry. The reading went well--it was nice and intimate, with a small cafe that was filled with attentive people. If you were there, thank you so much for showing up! I hope to be able to do more events like this in the future. 

 As always, I have been extremely busy with my Twitch channel, on which I will be streaming 3 times a week for the next month. Tonight is one of those days, by the way--I’m making vegan marshmallows and yogurt tonight at 8:30 PM ADT and I’d absolutely love for you to join me! I’ve become an editor and regular contributor to a Twitch cooking newsletter called Cookery Nation, which has made for a fun combination of my writing and editing and cooking skills! 

 I have a full monthly roundup over on YouTube, by the way, if you’re curious about my many monthly projects and happenings. I have a convention appearance coming up and will be sharing the promotional materials on my Facebook page once they’ve arrived.

 The weather here has been bright and sunny for the past three days. The grass is getting greener and flowers are everywhere. Happy May, all, and I’ll talk to you in June.

May your adventures be fraught with wonder and just enough peril to keep them interesting, 

K. M. Cooper

Greetings, adventurers!

 Happy #MushAnch Monday!

Well, it seems as though March went by as quickly as it could. Even March wanted to get itself over with. And now we’re here in April and I’m kind of reeling from the speed of it all. How about you? How’s the weather over on your end? Here, it’s been almost shockingly nice. We’ve been in the single-to-double-digits in temperature for the past couple of weeks, and we didn’t even have a Saint Patrick’s Day snowstorm! No complaints from me. The flowers are starting to come up, too. It seems spring is actually here, on time, for once!

I’m not going to do the predictable thing and play an April Fool’s joke on you telling you that I have news. I am, unfortunately, coming empty handed. I will, however, tell you that I did a fun April Fool’s Day video over on my YouTube page. Please enjoy!

Other than being busy on YouTube, I’ve been plugging away at various blog posts and streaming my cooking live on Twitch and just, generally, having a blast. It’s been a great distraction, honestly, while I await news about Mushroom and Anchovy. But more than a distraction, it’s become something I feel really passionate about. I hope that, eventually, some of you will come join me on Twitch, as well! There’s now a nice little community set up for our growing channel and I am just loving the kind of interaction that Twitch provides.

That’s it for now, from me. I hope your April showers bring fast May flowers and that all of you are well. Please feel free to message me any time with any questions or concerns you may have. 

May your adventures be fraught with wonder and just enough peril to keep them interesting
,K. M. Cooper
Greetings, adventurers!

 Happy #MushAnch Monday!

February passed in a whirlwind of illness and extremely cold weather. I’m not sure about all of you, but I’m really craving spring. As the snow falls outside in a twisting flurry, accompanied by a winter storm warning, I can tell that it’s still a bit distant—but it will be here soon, and we’ll all wake up as the earth does. 

At least, that’s the case over here in the frozen north! 

I have no updates on the Mushroom and Anchovy front this month, folks, but a whole lot of fun stuff is happening in my creative life right now. As I’ve been mentioning, I have been livestreaming from my kitchen twice a week now, and we’ve managed to do some truly neat stuff during that time. Most recently, we did a cupcake drive and raised some money for the SPCA with the help of my husband (Frosting Overseer) and daughter (Chief Sprinkle Technician), as well as everyone who ordered cupcakes and people on stream who donated, too. I baked ten dozen, and the three of us decorated them for 8 hours on stream and ended up raising over $500. WHEW. What a day it was! For more fun like that, please do join me over on Twitch!

As always, I’m producing YouTube videos, recipes, and chipping away at various blog posts. I was really sick from mid-January until around the third week of February, so the bare minimum was about all I could produce, but I’m feeling much better now, and I’m hoping to tackle more projects. In fact, check out my March roundup for what I’ll be up to in the month to come!

Until April 1st, folks, may your adventures be fraught with wonder and just enough peril to keep them interesting,
K. M. Cooper
Greetings, adventurers!

 Happy #MushAnch Monday!

I have no updates today—well, not really. I’ve been asked by a few people about the status of the book, so I took a few minutes to check in with the lovely folks over at Inkshares. They confirmed my suspicions—that they are backed up pretty far and that they still have a backlog before they even get to mine. Though I know this may not be comforting to you, please rest assured that the process is still underway and that Mushroom and Anchovy will come your way as soon as it’s able! The good folks over at Inkshares are working hard to produce some beautiful books. 

Other projects are coming along nicely. I’ve been streaming regularly on Twitch and I’ve released one video, so far, on my YouTube channel. Keep an eye next week for a special Valentine’s Day video. And, as always, take a look at my website for lots of free content. I have two new blog posts since the last time I updated, and more on the way!

That’s all from me this month, folks! I leave you now with a picture of all three cats in one spot. From left to right, we have Rusty the ginger cat, Pansy the tabby, and Mystery the smoky grey tuxie. 

May your adventures be fraught with wonder and just enough peril to keep them interesting,

K. M. Cooper
Greetings, adventurers!

 Happy #MushAnch Monday and happy New Year! I hope you all had wonderful holidays and that you’re returning to your normal lives with renewed gusto.

I’m not going to lie—my holiday was genuinely awesome, and I wish I could turn back time and stay there! I spent a busy few weeks with my husband and daughter, as well as my mother and father, and some choice friends. I got a lot done, but I also did something I don’t usually do: RELAX! Now I’m back to it and managing my time more closely than ever with the hope that 2019 will bring all sorts of creative work.

Unfortunately, on this first #MushAnch Monday of 2019, I don’t have any news for you. Nonetheless, I’m confident that this will be the year that Mushroom and Anchovy makes its way to you. I’m staying committed and accountable, however, and I’m continuing to send these monthly updates.

Finally, I’d like to mention that I started a new project that I’m really excited about! I’ve started live-streaming, and I’ve also started filming YouTube videos. My website, the Practical Escapist, has been home to recipes and cooking inspiration for a few months now, and I’ve decided to take it a step further by streaming my cooking and baking live on Twitch. Also… there’s a really great clip of Mystery jumping on my head on my Twitch channel, so if you want to see that, give it a look. Mystery loves chilling on my shoulder while I cook and bake. I’ll be posting my first video on my YouTube channel later on this week, as well, so please make sure you’re subscribed so you’ll see it!

I’m going to leave you with a little parting gift today: a picture of Rusty and Mystery having a snuggle. Because they’re good boys.

See you next month, adventurers! May your adventures be fraught with wonder and just enough peril to keep them interesting,

K. M. Cooper

Greetings, adventurers!

It’s the first Monday of the month, meaning that this is #MushAnch Monday. I know it has still been only two weeks since you heard from me last... perhaps a minor oversight on my part, but hey, at least I’m being consistent!

Because it has, in fact, only been two weeks, I don’t have any updates or info--at this rate, I’m quite sure it’ll be 2019 before I have any news for you. I’ve been proven wrong before, though!

To let you in on some life updates, I’ve been doing a little freelance editing and proofreading of late. If you’re in need of an editor or just someone to bounce ideas and concepts off, please get ahold of me! I really love editing and will give you honest, constructive feedback to help you progress. Give me a shout for my rates and I’ll happily chat with you.

I’m getting ready to launch my next large-scale project, with details on that to come very, very soon. I’m so excited about this project and it’s coming together much faster than I thought it would. So you can be aware of when this is going to happen, I recommend following my Facebook page or signing up for the newsletter on my website. I’ll give you a teeny hint: it has something to do with the Practical Escapist!

As this is likely to be the last update before 2019, I want to take a moment to thank you all for your support in 2018. It’s been a quiet year for Mushroom and Anchovy, but hopefully the sleepiness is building up to a great 2019. I can’t wait to share all the exciting new things 2019 will have in store, and I’m thinking it’s going to be a really creative year.

What are your wishes for 2019? What are your highlights from 2018? I’d love to hear them. Shoot me a comment on my Facebook page or Patreon, or send me a DM through Inkshares. 

Talk to you on January 7th for the next #MushAnch Monday. Have a fantastic holiday, whatever you celebrate, and all the best to you in 2019!

My your adventures be fraught with wonder and just enough peril to keep them interesting,

K. M. Cooper

PS: Here is a doodle I did this weekend. I’ve been slowly getting back into art after a lengthy hiatus. Enjoy! 

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