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Homie where’s the other book of yours that I paid real money for almost three years ago?? No updates for over a year and you’re asking for money again?

Friends, fellow writers.

We are at it again.

I just entered the Horror contest, please give Arcadia a second look. will be posting more in the near future :)

thank you


Good morning friends,

First of all I want to say thank you. Without you guys we would not still be in first place in this contest.

PodCastersUnite are raising money for the relief from Hurricane Irma for the American Red Cross.

For all pre orders after September 11th , I will donate 2$ pre pre-orders to PodCastersUnite campaign this will last until September 30th.

Here is a little preview of the next story titled : Carolina.

Carolina Hempsey,                                                    Murdered                                                                          Age : 22                                                                 April 28th  2016   and May 1st 2016                                     Washington Heights, New York                                                                                                                           After she tries to call off the engagement, her fiance believe she was possessed. He locked her in a room, starved her and beat her for 14 days. After she died, they tried to resurrect her for 3 days.                                    

We still need your help , please pre order a copy here, and share the word with your friends.

once again thank you for your amazing support.

next update by the end of the week

good day friends !

good news we are still first in the 2017 horror contest, but I still need your help.

here is how you can help

1- order a copy of Arcadia , this will help me keeping the first place here

2- check out this awesome book Mushroom and Anchovy, 20ish orders away to make Quill with only 3 days left !!!!!


thank you

more to come during the weekend stay tuned !!!!



I did it again, well for a second time.  Last year we finished fourth in the CrypTV Horror contest.

Arcadia is now back online, and accepting pre orders. Obviously you’ll want to order, click here

If you have already ordered Arcadia last year, you have received your refund by now.

Please place your order back ,

We are currently standing in the first place of the 2017 Horror contest.


A group of stranger’s insane visions has kept them together for years. But the real threat to their survival isn’t the heat of the jungle, the provisions that have turned to poison before they open them, or the wild animals roaming out there.

The real threat is whatever is out in the frigid darkness, stalking their move, snatching one of them at a time, leaving bodies mangled horribly or missing forever. Simone takes over the lead after the creature kills its original leader.

Drawing equally on her own magic strengths, and the mystical beliefs of the young woman they have rescued, Simone sets a course on foot out of the jungle and away from the insatiable beast. But every day the dwindling group becomes more deranged, until Simone begins to fear there is no escape from an ever-more-inconceivable nightmare.

Will they have the strength to face Suellita?

Promo Trailer

I have made a promo trailer for Arcadia, you can watch it here.

Stay tuned as I will put another chapter online soon, and I have other cool things I want to share with you in the next week update.

Thank you guys for all you support,

Happy New Year friends.

First let’s take a look at 2016.

1- Lies and Deception got funded.

2- We have helped the amazing : A God in the Shed  by the talented JF Dubeau

3- The Anthology, which include my short story Hardcore  : Too Many Controllers won the Nerdist Video game contest.

4- I launched the campaign for Arcadia.

Now for 2017

1- After some major changes to Lies and Deception, the book  will be in the hands of the 2nd set of Beta readers in one week.

2- ARCADIA : we have 33 days left to the campaign and 107 copies to go before reaching Quill level. 

This is where I , once again ask for your support friends,

a-If you follow Arcadia and didn’t ordered it  yet this is be the perfect timing do to so

b-If you already ordered Arcadia, please find one person who will enjoy horror short stories.

Don’t forget I still have copies of A God in The Shed, each order = 1 chance to win a physical copy of this awesome book :)

Once again thank you my friends, and I hope 2017 will be as good as 2016 was for me :-)

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Oh..! I didn’t realize that mattered, I apologize. To be honest, I guess I got a little jealousy mixed up with the admiration for all you’ve achieved, with all your followers, orders, and victories, and then reflected myself as a failure since despite all the effort and heart, my project has barely nudged forward. I am truly sorry for my ill-minded comment.  Good luck with the competition óuò
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I have not won a solo contest project.
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Umm... you claim to be a Nerdist Contest Winner and I don’t want to be _that person_ but "If you’ve been published via a contest (either selected or finished in the qualifying top spots) then you cannot enter another contest until your book is published." :/

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