André Brun's latest update for ARCADIA

Sep 26, 2017


Good morning friends,

First of all I want to say thank you. Without you guys we would not still be in first place in this contest.

PodCastersUnite are raising money for the relief from Hurricane Irma for the American Red Cross.

For all pre orders after September 11th , I will donate 2$ pre pre-orders to PodCastersUnite campaign this will last until September 30th.

Here is a little preview of the next story titled : Carolina.

Carolina Hempsey,                                                    Murdered                                                                          Age : 22                                                                 April 28th  2016   and May 1st 2016                                     Washington Heights, New York                                                                                                                           After she tries to call off the engagement, her fiance believe she was possessed. He locked her in a room, starved her and beat her for 14 days. After she died, they tried to resurrect her for 3 days.                                    

We still need your help , please pre order a copy here, and share the word with your friends.

once again thank you for your amazing support.

next update by the end of the week