André Brun's latest update for ARCADIA

Jan 3, 2017

Happy New Year friends.

First let’s take a look at 2016.

1- Lies and Deception got funded.

2- We have helped the amazing : A God in the Shed  by the talented JF Dubeau

3- The Anthology, which include my short story Hardcore  : Too Many Controllers won the Nerdist Video game contest.

4- I launched the campaign for Arcadia.

Now for 2017

1- After some major changes to Lies and Deception, the book  will be in the hands of the 2nd set of Beta readers in one week.

2- ARCADIA : we have 33 days left to the campaign and 107 copies to go before reaching Quill level. 

This is where I , once again ask for your support friends,

a-If you follow Arcadia and didn’t ordered it  yet this is be the perfect timing do to so

b-If you already ordered Arcadia, please find one person who will enjoy horror short stories.

Don’t forget I still have copies of A God in The Shed, each order = 1 chance to win a physical copy of this awesome book :)

Once again thank you my friends, and I hope 2017 will be as good as 2016 was for me :-)