J.M. VerHelst

Public school technology director, father, husband, avid reader, gamer, writer, and lover of all things nerdom. 
J.M. is the author of
Rasputin was a normal teenage boy, living in a harbor town in Northern Michigan, and working in his grandfather’s book shop...until the day his grandfather goes missing, and he is plunged into an adventure in a magical world that was lost to history.
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I'm in! Cannot wait to see more of where Danica will be taking Christine as the book progresses!
Not only do I want to read this, but I want to see it in a graphic novel too!
There are people who were born different - an evolution of humans, perhaps. They are only referred to as ’Others’.
Just finished "Roads" and I am hooked! Cannot wait till this one hits store shelves!
In a world where music is the gateway to magical power, a gifted young boy and his 9-foot tall pet golem must unite a disparate group of outcasts to stop a madman from destroying the Last True Kingdom.
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