J.M. VerHelst

Public school technology director, father, husband, avid reader, gamer, writer, and lover of all things nerdom. 
J.M. is the author of
Rasputin was a normal teenage boy, living in a harbor town in Northern Michigan, and working in his grandfather’s book shop...until the day his grandfather goes missing, and he is plunged into an adventure in a magical world that was lost to history.
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I'm in! Cannot wait to see more of where Danica will be taking Christine as the book progresses!
If you love fantasy, sci-fi, & adventure, and you aren't excited about The Seventh Age series, check your pulse! If its still there, follow and back this book ASAP.
Magic returns. Companies brand it. New abilities can be yours for one small payment ...just sign on the dotted line.
Not only do I want to read this, but I want to see it in a graphic novel too!
There are people who were born different - an evolution of humans, perhaps. They are only referred to as ’Others’.
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