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William Bartlett

​I am a happily married man with a son and a daughter who are as nerdy as I am. My creativity is out of control and difficult to tame. I love reading, writing, and watching excellent storylines. I dream of a world with more nerdy readers.
William is the author of
A new Queen is ambushed, murdered, oddly raised from the dead, and captured. Now she must escape an arena where she is forced to fight other female slaves, to the death, for bandit pleasure - all the while trying to understand her new undead body.
A boy is taken as a slave and studied by Vrykan brutes after the plundering of his village, where he mysteriously woke back up and healed - shortly after he was killed.
Books William Recommends
Wow! What an original idea! I love the necromancer and his undead cult as the antagonist! I’m hooked and want to read more!
The Necromancer, a serial killer targeting a coven in Reno, Nevada, fulfills his perversions through a cult of his undead victims. Teddy, a detective and member of the coven, must end his terror, with the help of her fanatic friend Robby.
What an awesome idea, can't wait to see how it turns out!
Visionary philanthropist builds an empty city, then gives it away free, thinking to solve the country’s social and economic problems.
What an awesome premise!
A princess must find a cure before her body transforms into a plague and kills everyone.
Books William recently read
by Ta-Nehisi Coates
by William Faulkner
by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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