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Mason Force

I’m a computer science student with a passion for literature and the occasional electrical experiment. When I’m not consumed by studying, I love to travel, both through books and by plane.
Mason is the author of
In a world of people directed by the instructions of a computer program, a privileged young man works with a sentient entity and the instructions of a long-dead scientist so that humans can finally think for themselves.
Books Mason Recommends
What an excellent first chapter! I can automatically connect to novels about writing, and the element of mystery seals the deal. Suttle has me hooked on this concept, which promises a fantastic story.
A gifted ghost writer, who has made a living preying on other writers at their weakest moments, finds himself the hunted one in this gothic noir mystery.
A far funnier, alternate version of Star Wars, Spacebreaker delivers line after line of hilarious jabs at the source material. But aside from that, it doesn't just copy Star Wars- it creates a story that feels both new and delightfully familiar.
A farm boy from a desert planet joins the radical insurgents known as the Activists in their struggle to overthrow the peaceful and prosperous Incorporated Planets.
What a great hook! The Old God sounds like a real trip, and one filled with ancient mysteries and suspense. Excellent!
Five experts travel to an archaeological excavation to a remote lake. Only four come back. Only three are who they claim to be.What really lies at the bottom of Lake Haltia?
Books Mason recently read
by Isaac Asimov
by Orson Scott Card
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