Matthew Isaac Sobin
Donna Fung has created something very special. The SciFi syndicate is compelled to support this important book. Where the Sun Set shares a common trait with great SciFi: As readers, we begin to wonder what may become possible.
Stephen Carignan
From the start, the protagonist brings the reader into his point of view in a poetic way, which helps set the emotional tone of the book. The imagery, strong enough to stand on its own, is filtered through the eyes of the narrator so much the author almost drops away and the only thing left is the journey, both beautiful and tragic at the same time. Where the Sun Sets will most definitely be a pleasure to read.
Jane-Holly Meissner
Definitely worth a read, the excerpt posted is beautifully crafted and sets the scene for the telling of the rest of the story.
Fernando Crôtte
Wow! What a solid beginning! This is the kind of writing that I want time to at least slow down for, so I can relish each word. Beautiful!
Eric H. Heisner
What a unique and cool idea! How would the world look if someone was able to stop time??
Deborah Munro
What if you could stop time? What if that came with a terrible price? Would you still want to do it? Fung has crafted a novel that explores love and the meaning of life in a profoundly new and emotionally felt way that I highly recommend.
Zaide Williams
Love the premise of this one! Very unique and intriguing.
Benjamin Gray
Simultaneously beautiful and hard. Dodges the usual problems with supernatural dramatic romance; you won't find the cloyingness of The Lake House, but you will find the sincerity of Benjamin Button.
Kevin Muhleisen
An excellent start to what is sure to be an amazing story of true love and devotion.
Alastair Luft
This story has a unique concept and opens strong, drawing a reader in with a compelling hook that hints at so much more going on. The language almost has a musical flow and lends itself to vivid imagery. Will definitely read more of this.