I have a feeling that this post may be heavy handed, for multiple reasons. The past years have been difficult for us all and I hope that everyone is safe out there. [Knock once if ok, knock twice if trouble].  For myself, the mountain of stress has been treacherous to climb. I got very ill and what started out as feeling tired and worn down has evolved into something more permanent and life changing. The words chronic illness could fit the bill--dynamic disability is another--suffice it to say that my life is no longer what it was. In truth my old life is gone.  After multiple doctors, several tests, specialized machinations, dozens upon dozens of a three card Monty of fluid draws...an answer was found. A genetic disorder known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hypermobility and elasticity) has done a serious number, specifically, around the junction where spine and skull meet. This has lead to Craniocervical Instability (CCI), a wavered detachment in the Craniocervical junction, which can cause a myriad of other problems [Dysautonomia, GI, Gait, Proprioception (spatial buoyancy)]. On top of that, one of these specialized tests found nerve damaged peppered throughout my fragile vessel in the form of small fiber neuropathy (SFN) and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS), which is dizziness due to lack of oxygen when transitioning posture (sit to stand). This laid on top of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome [(Me/CFS) which I had since nine] and nocturnal Epilepsy, and call it a night! Still with me? It is a lot. Believe me, I know. I live it. Day by day, neither good nor bad; all good days have bad moments and vice versa, life is moment to moment. I still write but the brain fog often wins out. I even bought a typewriter: Corona Four from 1928, Ms. Parker, to write the first drafts of the next novel. Where that day is, I don’t know. My dad is my care taker and the support from both our social circles has been unbelievable to describe. We launched a GoFundMe [https://bit.ly/3EhYyB5 ], and I had my first of three procedures. Two of them are major surgery and the first one went very well. I wait on the shaky foothill of the healthcare system of Stanford Health, and hopefully a new Covid surge will not bump my "elective" surgery.  I got heavily into art, digital art, and even opened up a design store on Threadless [https://photoalchemy.threadless.com/ ] It is a whimsical internet emporium with graphic tees, wall arts, rugs, buttons, and stickers galore, among countless items.  Other than that, its been a very cathartic process when it comes to saying goodbye to the life I knew, but I am excited by what is to come for my new life, with plenty of resting, pacing--someone with chronic illness told me this, "You don’t have to stop living, but you gotta stop pushing," words she would have told the younger her as they were just getting ill.  Words that I have to live by if I am to survive. Challenge Accepted!  But first, I wish you all a happy new year.  And as I stand, rooted by my cane, underneath my Porkpie, heed these words: Write that story you have wanted to tell, paint that painting of your dreams, and share in the creativity that is this beautiful chaos of our universe. Checkmate and rummy my dear Gladiators, C.P. Wyszynski | Photo Alchemist   

It has been a long time since I updated all of you who have helped me get to this point today.

Been going through my own personal healthcare nightmare, but that is another story. 

Today, December 12, 2020 is my 3 year Anniversary for when this book was published.  

A little bit behind the curtain:

This is what I did for about a month straight back in 2016-2017 

☆[Editing with an Editor]

 1) Get up at 4:45 A.M. 
 2) Shower and Breakfast
 3) Arrive at Coffee Bean right when it opened: 5:30 A.M.
 4) Edit until computer (not charging in wall) would die.
 5) Take a break, walk outside, eat, coffee, pay bills, make calls, and recharge while my dead laptop charged
 6) Repeat steps 4 & 5 until Coffee Bean closed: 10 P.M.
 7) Drive home and look over edits until midnight
 8) Unwind until 1:00 A.M.
 9) Bed
 10) Repeat Steps 1-10 next day

This is how I was able to do it. Insane? Yes! It took patience, time, energy, my health, and whatever social life I had before, during, and after. It also should be mentioned how much the Inkshares Writing Community helped shape what this story eventually became...a wild ride. 

And here we are, 3 years later. Thank you to Inkshares for taking flight with this story through Quill, for Nerdist who pushed me to tackle this Juggernaut of a challenge, for my Cover Designer, Aaron Harvey (@GeekFilter , Host of Infinite Trek and author of Star Trek - The Official Guide to the Animated Series rb.gy/qr9bbi ), my Editors at Story Perfect Publishing for believing in me and helping me through the chaotic process), my friends and followers, and most important my mom and dad, without I would not be who I am, plus my dad (@Wizardofpaint https://wizardofpaint.com/ ) read EVERY SINGLE draft. The rough ones and the Final version. 

If you want to share or get a copy for someone for the Holidays, here is the Amazon link - https://amzn.to/2LdBAod

ThanQ from the bottom of my heart. Be safe, wear a mask, and write your story (we have the time)! 

Checkmate and rummy my dear Gladiators,
C.P. Wyszynski 
@corywysz on the socials

Today is the one year Anniversary that U-turn at Next Synapse has been out among the wild world of cinematic literature. In other words, my book’s birthday. Woo Hoo!

Thank you to everyone, especially the Inkshares team who has made this dream into a mouth watering reality. It has been quite a year; Sold a little over 400 copies, including three at Skylight Books, not to mention 4 Amazon reviews, and did someone say audio book for 2019??

If you have not checked out this adventurous tour o’ madness and whimsy, I encourage you to do so. I would love for this book to sail to new heights, for I am not done with this story yet. Not by a long shot. 

Stay tuned for up to date latest news:

Insty & Facebook

I am thrilled to write to you with the knowledge that a little over 400 copies of U-Turn have been sold as of this day, April, 10th, 2018! 

As for other matters, there is still a talk-back/reading in the works. I am in the throws of e-mail correspondence when it comes to getting something set up, but I hope to have more info for you guys soon.

And as for all you guys, you have been amazing, my followers, and those who have supported by purchasing a copy, or six, of your own. The next thing, well, it all comes down to reviews. A quick shout out on Amazon is more valuable than gold itself. This may be an exaggeration, but I do not have a team of lawyers at my side to tell me otherwise, so as far as I am concerned? Nope, gold is not nearly as valuable. 

Plus, let’s not forget Social Media, because nothing like that is in the news right now (yanks collar).  IG and Twitter: @corywysz 


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IG: @uturnatnextsynapse

Checkmate and Rummy my dear gladiators,


Hello one and all. There is a lot to mention, but for now...We are #17 for best selling in Science Fiction on Inkshares. I thank you all for those who helped make this possible. If you have the time to show this book some digital hugs, in the form of a review of course, that would be amazing. A share or two in social media is always an option, and a fantastic one at that.

In other news, I have crossed the threshold of 400 copies sold. This is truly an amazing day.  

It has been an emotional last couple of days. At 2:30 AM on Thanksgiving Day, I have looked over my final interior design layout, the final cover is in the works, and my publishing day is fast approaching.

I am also in shock and awe that I was selected as the November Syndicate Pic for the Next Great Sci-fi of the 21st Century. There, I find myself with past inductees: The Punch Escrow, Dracula Vs. Hitler, and former Nerdist Collection Contest Winner, Welcome to Deadland.

I truly feel like I am in another time and place. This book has been such a personal, long fought, often leading to a detriment in health, and spiritual journey. The list of people to thank is too long for one post and I do not feel that it properly marks how important each one of them are. This of course brings along all those who have followed, shared, and snagged their own copy, most of who are currently reading this update. Right. Now. 

As we approach the big day, I ask you to tell others of this crazy written out graphic novel (because this guy can’t draw) broken into two stories written and occurring simultaneously--because I like to make things easy on my self. 

Thank you all, and if you have not yet hopped into the driver’s seat, I suggest you take your seat, for this race is just getting started. 

Checkmate and Rummy my dear gladiators,

Hazzah! There is much news to report, but first and foremost is the beginning of the new cover!

Below is the frenetic ideas from my rambling lips filtered through the hand and eye of Aaron Harvey (IG and Twitter Alias - @geekfilter).

I have been very busy with my little novel. To all those who are just starting out on Inkshares or are thinking about pushing their draft to the next stage, go on and make that plunge. Yes, it has taken me a while to get to this point, but as I look at my calendar and see the date getting closer and closer, I wonder why I did not do it sooner...because it’s terrifying. Onward!

The manuscript is in the text layout/proofread phase. There have been an overflowing deluge of e-mails and correspondence between myself and my editing team, and I am very happy with what has come out of it. With so many grand ideas on layout and design, I forgot about the most important element, the story, and here we are. After ten years of an ongoing battle with mind and wit, and two years since I first found out about the possibility of publishing, the time has come; December 2017, you will be able to take the U-Turn. 

Thank you all to those who have helped me on my epic journey. Without all your support, I would still be trudging along the depths of self publishing, a seedy underbelly with no checks and balances, where good stories are lost to the masses. 

Congrats to all those new to the Inkshares realm. including Jacqui Castle, author of The Walls are Closing In and six Inkshares Syndicate Picks. The Walls are Closing In is slated for Spring of 2018. 

This is what Inkshares is all about, bringing to life incredible stories written by talented writers.  

Be sure to Like U-Turn at Next Synapse for all sort of upcoming news!

Checkmate and rummy my dear gladiators,

C. P. Wyszynski

I have not been too diligent on these updates. Not by a long shot. So, the book is going, to say the least. Found out a few hours ago that the manuscript I thought was sent on May 4th, was in fact not properly attached. Yep, I forgot to attach it before hitting send. 

It is currently in very capable hands, getting the love and attention it truly needs right now. I have someone looking at the overall content and structure of my story. After this, I will then hand it off to Inkshares, and then the copy editing can begin. The final draft before submission was sent on May 4th, and let me tell you, the 4th was strong with me that day. To have realized that I botched the attachment on Friday the 13th also serves as quite the coincidence. 

Besides all of that, I will be meeting with a comic artist to discuss possibly adding a graphic element to aid in the telling of my story. The goal for U-Turn, in the nearest future available, is a graphic novel treatment. Seeing these characters broken, bloody, and lost on pages of ink and color will be the right way to go. I very much sit at the edge of my seat for this day to come. Speaking of graphics and pretty pictures, I have created a cover I am extremely happy with. You can view that on the book’s FB page: HERE

It sums up the essence and sheer drive of what crossing the proverbial synapse means in my novel. The character literally is melting into his own psychosis until he is just another washed away puddle of the road. 

Oh! I won a contest, an Inkshares subscriber contest. That is right, you read that correctly. I was thrown into the drawing of a fancy shirt and mug for pre-ordering Tal M Klein’s hard scifi, The Punch Escrow . I won. I won! How sweet it is. His book, it is going to be amazing, and has been the top runner for Geek and Sundry. I would say more, but I do not want to risk having this post shut down by International Transport.

So, there you go. You have been updated. The time is 4:33 AM and I sigh at the fact that I forgot to put away my leftover Mediterranean chicken sandwich. I really would not like to throw it out. It should still be good. Yep, still cold. Score. Lunch is saved...for now.

One last thing, if anyone reading this is interested in checking out a little more of my hell bent thrill ride, give yourself a treat by purchasing a copy. You shant regret it.

Checkmate and Rummy my dear gladiators.  

It has been a while. There are a lot of new followers. Welcome ya’ll, make sure you grab some digital cornbread and pour your self a nice glass of virtual Sweet Tea, just like your robo-granny used to make.  

So, I have been working on so many things for this book. Including but not limited to: designing character sketches, working on a prologue, cataloging and annotating the main draft before sending it off, enlisted beta readers, coming up with a new cover (so far?), at least one more legible and tone specific. And most important, I bought a new hat to celebrate my accomplished goal of reaching Quill and also hitting my sought after pre-order goal of 300. It is called the Good Boy from Goorin Bros

A real beauty. As Ned Flanders once said, "Sometimes, you just gotta spoil yourself." Rightly so. There you go, a little update of what has been happening. 

And here is something for all of you to do--tell your friends about this chaotic feverish tale, or if you have not yet, order one for yourself. If you have more time after that, send out a review to be added to my page, let me know what you think, what you feel. Plus, do not forget to Like! and share the official Website Facebook page.

My undying thank-yous to all who have helped, supported, nurtured, and damned this book/put it down/ignore it, for it is the latter that gave me the fire to prove them wrong. 

Checkmate and Rummy my dear Gladiators. 

46 min ago, roughly, may be exact...Billy O’Keefe was the last pin of a perfect game (in bowling which is 300!) I have crossed my personal goal of the Inkshares campaign. There is an unknown future for this story, and the next step is still unclear. 300 though, thank you all, this is quite a thrill to say the least. 

Be sure to check out Mr. O’Keefe’s hilarious portrayal on how infantile some people get when talking about the one thing you should never talk about with your friends: Politics   

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