I know,I should update regularly... I should just hire someone to help with this area, since I never know what to say, when very little happens. But, I have things to speak of now. First, anew cover.and updated material,freshly edited. 

It occurs to me that I need to remind myself, to remind myself, to actually use updates to let people know I am still alive and writing... Or maybe I need to hire someone to remind me, since I never see the google reminders I had set for myself.


I am alive, and writing, and editing, and writing. I am days away from ordering my proof copies. The reason I was absent on this forum, was that I pulled my novel down and went back to formula. I was not satisfied with the work I had done at that point, and consequently  I was premature in putting my story out there in the hopes of getting it picked up. After months of revisions and sending it out to different editors, I am satisfied with the work as it is now. I have a few more chapters to look over, as I want to be sure of the  Latin I use for titles in my story are correct. Once that is done I will order the proof copies and do a visual appraisal of the book to check for any errors in the text or layout, that I may have missed. 

For any of you followers who have not lost faith in me, and are interested in seeing the work I have done, check your emails. I just  uploaded the first 7 chapters and will send them out  after I finish this update.

Also if you are interested in seeing other writing I have done, you can find my short story, Charlotte’s Last Dance, on Amazon: here

It is available on all amazon platforms.

See you in the funny papers...!

I sent ioff the completed manuscript to CreatSpace befire I ent the bed. I ’ll have it back by Midnight tonight. Barring any issues, I’ll have my proof before the end of the week!

Seems I mistyped the link to my website. Here is  the correct one. Click ME.

I am done! YAY!. Thank you all for following me, supporting and encouraging me. I am just days from finishing the publication process with CreateSpace. To Kill a King will be completely uploaded and set for publication in the next few days. Now is the time to subscribe to my mailing list. Here. I will draw three names from my list, and give those winners 1 signed copy . I am also going to release a short story to my subscribers. 

Thank you, everyone. Stay tuned for the release date. it’ll be soon so keeping your ears perked up!


Hello, all you delightfull readers and writers. I am happy to announce that I am only days away from publishing To Kill a King. I am not going  to set an exact day, but I hope to be up and running on amazon this coming week. I am going to be sending out an exclusive short story in the next few days as well. If you want it (It’s free), sign up on my website here. I will also be drawing three names from my subscriber’s list, and those three lucky people will get a free signed copy of my book, so sign up now,  here is a good place sign up too.

Keep writing friends!

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay with the updates. I’ve been pulling 12-hour editing shifts admits the company of  wife  and five kids. I wanted to show everyone the progress I’ve been making, so I uploaded the new Prologue. 

It’s better than the old prologue because it has what was great about the previous version and now has huge new content designed to let you readers truly experience the hell of the Atlantean Military Akadamy, and also finally see what kind of cold hearted monster the High King  is. 

Do to a bad computer struggle I have delayed the publication date of To Kill a King. My hope is to reconcile the issue  and have the book published before or by June 1st. 

I will be giving away an exclusive free short story to everyone signed up on my website:


Just prior to the book’s release, I will draw three names from those on my websites mailing list and each of those lucky followers will receive a free signed copy of To Kill a King.

keep writing, and  check out the new prologue! 

I want to thank all of you for sticking with me through this. 

The time is nigh! 

I completed the last revision of to Kill a King. I am uploading this last draft to CreateSpace. I will be finalizing the interior text and covers this week.On Friday, I am ordering samples!

I don’t have an exact date for publishing, but it will be mid-May.

I will be giving away a free exclusive short story and a chance to win 1 of 3 signed copies of To Kill a King. To enter simply sign up to my mailing list, and your name goes in the hat! A few days before the book release, I will send out the short story to all subscribers and make the draw for the signed books!

Be sure to sign up now before it’s too late to enter. 


Thank you all again!


Hello, inksharians! Yes, another update! I hope everyone is tapping their inner muse and finding encouragement sand growth in the writings.

I am getting closer to publishing To Kill a King. Projected date is next month. This final revision is looking suweet! 

I will give away 3 signed copies of To Kill a King to three lucky people. Anyone signed up on my web page www.jodhanford.com has a chance to win. Follow me on www.jodhanford.com or on twitter @jodhanford for updates about To Kill a King, my debut novel.

Keep writing and keep dreaming!


Hello, fellow adventurer’s! Chapter 1 is live. Any and all comments and feedback are desperately sought after... so yes, more begging. Please. Thank you, everyone, for following along and having the forbearance to endure the wait as I power through edits.

Hello, fellow adventurers! I have been hard at work, hence the lack of updates. Do not fear compatriots!!! I have just uploaded my revised, edited and revised prologue! Okay, I’m going to beg! Please, please read and comment. I have worked my fingers to the nubs, hammering this book into something printable. Chapter 1 will follow soon. Thank you for your patience.

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