Jodhan Ford's latest update for To Kill a King

May 26, 2017

It occurs to me that I need to remind myself, to remind myself, to actually use updates to let people know I am still alive and writing... Or maybe I need to hire someone to remind me, since I never see the google reminders I had set for myself.


I am alive, and writing, and editing, and writing. I am days away from ordering my proof copies. The reason I was absent on this forum, was that I pulled my novel down and went back to formula. I was not satisfied with the work I had done at that point, and consequently  I was premature in putting my story out there in the hopes of getting it picked up. After months of revisions and sending it out to different editors, I am satisfied with the work as it is now. I have a few more chapters to look over, as I want to be sure of the  Latin I use for titles in my story are correct. Once that is done I will order the proof copies and do a visual appraisal of the book to check for any errors in the text or layout, that I may have missed. 

For any of you followers who have not lost faith in me, and are interested in seeing the work I have done, check your emails. I just  uploaded the first 7 chapters and will send them out  after I finish this update.

Also if you are interested in seeing other writing I have done, you can find my short story, Charlotte’s Last Dance, on Amazon: here

It is available on all amazon platforms.

See you in the funny papers...!