Jodhan Ford's latest update for To Kill a King

May 7, 2016

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay with the updates. I’ve been pulling 12-hour editing shifts admits the company of  wife  and five kids. I wanted to show everyone the progress I’ve been making, so I uploaded the new Prologue. 

It’s better than the old prologue because it has what was great about the previous version and now has huge new content designed to let you readers truly experience the hell of the Atlantean Military Akadamy, and also finally see what kind of cold hearted monster the High King  is. 

Do to a bad computer struggle I have delayed the publication date of To Kill a King. My hope is to reconcile the issue  and have the book published before or by June 1st. 

I will be giving away an exclusive free short story to everyone signed up on my website:

Just prior to the book’s release, I will draw three names from those on my websites mailing list and each of those lucky followers will receive a free signed copy of To Kill a King.

keep writing, and  check out the new prologue!