Breath by Breath

What would happen,

If we popped open the stoppers to our souls,

And let compassion for the whole world in?

And I mean the *whole* world:

Starving children,

Euthanized dogs,

First-time orgasms,

The sheer magnitude of war,

The irrational hatred of the sound of other people chewing,

The birth of deformed children,

Really great fucking music,

Unbridled passion,

Art beyond words...

Would we cry uncontrollably

Until the earth is a tropic of tears?

Would there be orgies in the streets,

Jumping up and down on yellow couches,

Impulsive declarations of love and

Unlimited eternal puppies?

Perhaps we would go mad:

Tear our eyes out after seeing too much world

And walk in never ending circles,

Pulling at our hair and mumbling about antennas.

Would we all sit around as if stoned,

Contemplating the beauty in each paint chip and beetle,

Acutely aware of each tick of the clock?

Would our houses be full of the needy,

No one be lonely, hunger be gone,

And reality TV disappear forever?

I can’t see it happening, honestly.

No one can handle that much humanity all at once.

It’s better, then, to rely on each other, my love.

Let’s prick each others’ hearts, just a little;

Create a bit more closeness with each kiss,

A bit more understanding with each conversation,

A bit more love with each look in each others’ eyes,

And instead of letting the world rush into us,

Let’s let our compassion overflow to the world in a trickle,

Starting with each other, breath by breath.

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