"Ticks, Quails, and Pollywog Tails," by Matthew Bettelheim

Wildlife biologist Matthew Bettelheim reflects on his years in the field with a top-ten list of sorts that shows how little he’s learned in Ticks, Quails, and Pollywog Tails – That’s What Wildlife Biologists Are Made of, or Several Habits of a Highly Effective Wildlifer

1.     A state fish and game uniform automatically elevates you to “game warden” status. Study up on the question, “Where’s a good place to hunt/fish?”

2.     In Target, a uniform makes you a woodsman. In the woods, a uniform makes you a target. And in a field of marijuana, a uniform makes you an INS or border patrol agent.

3.     Standing in the middle of a marijuana field is not the time to practice your botany skills. 

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