"Kick it in the Ice Hole," by Dr. Charles "Chuck" Jonkel

When Charles Jonkel is given the rare opportunity to pioneer the first ever study of polar bears in the Arctic, little does he know that the years to follow will not only change how the world sees polar bears, but will also leave him looking back at those years to wonder how he even survived the experience in Kick it in the Ice Hole.

“The night he scared himself, he sent his friend Henk Kiliaan home after all their remembering. It wasn’t hard to do – scaring himself – what with the whiteouts and the polar bears (always the polar bears), helicopters falling from the sky, and the vast whiteness of it all and everything in between. Lost in the high Arctic where he couldn’t have been more alone no matter the company he kept. He might have done stupid things in his youth. Hell, he had done stupid things in adulthood, too. But he had also lived a full life, all in the name of science, that truly began in the high Arctic when he set out to answer a simple question: How do you catch a polar bear?”