"Lost and Found," by J. Drew Lanham

In Lost and Found, J. Drew Lanham looks back on the formative years that shaped his inevitable career as a birder, a path especially rocky for a young African American growing up in South Carolina in the 1970’s.

“From my earliest nurturing in my backwoods upbringing in Edgefield, SC – a place where wild turkeys always seemed abundant and white-tailed deer never read the early 1970’s news of their demise, I’ve been more interested in being outside than in… The hardening for that rural nature-nurture destiny then came with my first field guide and constant (but unsuccessful) attempts to fly without the aid of machines already proven in the task. By the time I was ten I’d launched myself from ladders, rooftops, haystacks and trees with cardboard wings, plastic garbage bag parachutes and umbrellas in attempts to be one of the birds I watched. Somehow gravity always won.”

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