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Chapter 5: NSO Squad: Rau’je

Section Utuo (two)

The Rau’je Squad

“When the world changed and I felt scared, I looked to the sky and saw that the Aeons never stopped, that they never stopped believing in what was right, and I felt in my heart that that’s what everyone should be like.

Then I realized; they were just Vatheran with special powers over time…”

-Lord Nien Jekyll-

The Rau’je Elite Squadron

Rau breathed in the air of the coming battle, the sweat the perspiration, he could hear the galloping of the Kreepers running on all fours pounding the ground, and he did not need to have the nano enhance his senses to tell him that the ground was shaking, or to tell him that the minefield went off premature.

He could tell by the fact that the ground never stopped pounding; the pounding would have stopped and they would have retreated, but they never did.

His helm was counting down towards when they were to jump out, his heart was pounding and his sweat was dripping down his body, even though his armor had built in coolants and the nano helped cool and stabilize his body, it just didn’t seem like enough.

Rau breathed heavily into the comm. and spoke to the rest of the squad; they were at the top of the phalanx of discs in the outer wave, so naturally the first ones to die.

“We’re going to get through this guys,” he said coolly even though his heart didn’t feel that way, 110bpm and we haven’t even begun combat, “If we don’t we’re going to bloody well take down so many with us we’ll sever the heart.” The squad whooped and hollered inside their helms, when he called up his nano CIX/1.

“CIX/1, tell me what our chances of survival are…” Rau usually didn’t care about percentages or estimates but he still enjoyed hearing the facts of crazy.

“I can tell by your nervousness Rau that it might not be a good idea to tell you.” It told him in a matter-of-fact tone.

“I know CIX/1, but I’d like to hear it…”

“Fine sir…” Its animated eyes went in the back of its head as it processed, “I’m proud to tell you that it is not a one-percent chance sir, you have a six-percent chance sir… I’m terribly sorry.”

“CIX/1 I want you to record this and tell everyone what our chances were, because I’m not going to go down in history as a nobody you understand me, tell this story to everyone.”

CIX/1 smiled at him then winked out.




Rau let out a breath and then they broke out, time seemed to stand still for several seconds, they moved out in perfect unison, a few other phalanxes didn’t have that sort of luck and were nearly torn apart by an uneven line of men.

They moved up out of the ditch and pushed forward about twenty yards from where they dug the hole, and as soon as they posted and linked their shields together into a circle and then ducked down, the spears made contact with the giant eight-foot tall creatures.

The second wave in the circle, opened fire with their rifles and slashed through the oncoming army. It was working well as the Kreepers that did not get tangled with their formation kept running towards the wall, the other two Elites with him in the center were true to their title and were even more accurate than Rau was.

Trogon 50 caliber heavy machine guns were pouring rounds from the wall, etching out around the phalanxes weeding them out, however ammo could not last forever.

A powerful Kreeper jumped through the air and landed in the middle of the circle, stabbing its claws into the elite next to him, Rau acted instinctively and rapid-fired three shots into the skull of the green demon blowing its head into a giant plume of green mist, then reflexively fired behind his back to take off the head of another Kreeper that landed behind him.

Despite their look, the Kre’vator’ai were not stupid, their intellect rivaled that of a long extinct dolphin or primate.

He grabbed the body of the first Kreeper and threw it back at the onrushing Kreeper; the second wave in the circle brought out their flamethrowers and fired it into the charging beasts. The Vatheran screamed out their war cries as blood seeped by their feet mixing with the urine and feces of the dead Kre’vator’ai.

The formation next to them fired in unison with them, a sweeping of red liquid flame that attached itself to any particle of flesh.

Rau watched in slow motion as a Kreeper jumped through the air towards him with its claws extended on both of its forehands, his CIX/1 kicked in again, firing off five rounds, blowing its chest out in chunks of raw meat.

The Kreepers pressed on them harder from all around, his Elite who’d been stabbed by the Kreeper began to rise after healing slowly from the wound, he lifted himself up and began firing again but instead had his sword wielded in his left hand ready.

Rau had to change this; it was not going to fair well if they kept this formation, he began transmitting to three other squad leaders:

“Shilo, cover me I’m transmitting,” and without a word General Shilo Norse moved over and began covering him, Rau let the nano take control over his armor to continue firing into the Kreepers group and then began transmitting.

“Deauh squad, Ravot squad, begin spear formation, and coordinate our targets to point-five north then my squad will continue inward. Your squads will veer west and east then circle back around point-five to the wall and create a barrier of guns forward and backwards.” Rau clicked his comm. system off and they formed into the spear formation.

The Spear formation is like a needle or tube, the men say on the left would have their spears overlapping the sides of the shields and they would move forward in a cylindrical formation, barely anything could stop a spear formation, the momentum simply carries them through.

With perfect calculated timing, the three squads slammed forward purging and killing countless Kreepers in what seemed like an endless supply, they kept going, pushing and stabbing traveling about six-miles per hour, trudging practically.

When suddenly behind them a giant explosion happened, shaking the ground, his nano showed a disorientating backwards view of what just happened and as the nano carried, him forward he watched the wall explode in one portion and instinctively he turned and pushed the spear formation back towards the wall.

When a huge mass of the Kreeper rushed the side of their spear formation, dragging two of his soldiers down to the ground, a reaction could have saved them, but he watched them fight viciously with their hand claws stabbing them and slashing them across the Kreeper’s heads. Rau stopped the formation and split back into a circle formation again maneuvering it to swallow the Vatheran back into the fold.

With ease, they were able to recover them, but still Rau checked their sustained livability and it showed only thirty and forty for the two Vatheran, one had a large gaping abdomen wound, stabbed straight through the gut, the other was missing a hand, bitten off by the Kreeper’s hunger.

“Spin cycle!” They placed their spears sideways across the front of their shields and began to spin rapidly, their nano’s compensated for the quick pace of spinning but even still it was sickening.

On they pushed towards the wall, a chunk of the Great Wall was now falling in flames, and they all felt an overwhelming dread…