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Chapter 3: Eon Genesis

Veldimire: Land of the Kre’vator’ai

Eon arrived almost instantaneously. Hovering up in the sky, watching the ground below with strong eyes—he could see a fight already commencing, Eon counted half a million Kreeper in an instant.

His blood began to rush and he dived down like a hawk, spreading his arms out like wings as his cape fluttered behind him. He looked down and saw his Aeons in a heated battle against the Kreeper… but where was L.V.?

Eon came down from the sky hard and slammed into the ground creating a small crater to draw pure attention to himself.

He raised himself from the earth and he could hear the other Aeons calling out yells of triumph as their strongest Aeon came to their side.

Eon summoned his nine-foot blade, which resembled a silver Katana, but was made of mixture of pure diamond and unknown steel, it was forged by Feroshire long ago in his war against Leoshire and Novushire; he swung it around with his right hand alone and sliced a circle around him ending the lives of several dozen Kreeper.

He charged through the field slicing his sword to his left then to his right, jumping through the air followed by a great number of Kreeper. He landed and rolled around, slicing his sword up then down. He kicked a Kreeper that came too close for his liking, his kick snapped its body in half from the sheer force.

In that same instance, he shot up into the sky to take the view in better and he could already tell this was going to be a long fight, not hard—just simply long. He looked around more and noticed that Rav’lu was injured slightly, a gaping stab wound to his chest but it was healing slowly with the help of Nano’s flowing through the blood stream, searching for any cuts or clogged veins, allowing the Vatheran to have control over certain metal objects.

Eon finally saw the Dark Lord; twirling his hands around like a puppeteer, having them move this way and that, controlling the very essence of the Kreepers.

When suddenly something odd caught Eon’s attention, he noticed that there was a tower of Kreeper bodies lumbering their way towards him. With drooling mouths reaching out to try to pull him down, their mouth flaps opening and slapping shut clawing outwards to try and grab him. The ones on top of the tower suddenly began jumping across the large thirty-foot distance towards Eon.

With ease, he sliced through each one in turn, twisting his blade with a flick of his wrist. He shot across the air, swiping his blade through the center of the tower of bodies, and watched as they all fell screeching in anger and agony towards the earth.

He suddenly felt extreme joy and immense pleasure to have caused them such a painful end. Then he locked onto his target and teleported next to L.V. and said in a hushed whisper, “Uitne uo die.” He ran his blade through the body of the Darkness, but nothing happened.

L.V.’s hands still moved around in strange circles then suddenly they came alive and in one violent motion slammed his elbow into Eon’s visor knocking him back with such force that it was beyond an Aeon’s strength.

Eon skidded across the dirt, digging his left hand into the hard ash, skidding to a stop before looking up towards L.V.

He flinched, acting more on instinct than on knowledge and rolled sideways as L.V. crashed into the ground where he had been just moments ago.

Eon flipped upwards towards the sky then landed gracefully and turned towards L.V. and as instantly as Eon had landed and turned, L.V. was already on top of him. L.V.’s foot cracked across Eon’s ribs sending him sideways.

Eon crashed into the dirt and planted his hand into the soil, twisting his body around to face him again, he deflected a slash that nearly sliced through his neck. Eon twisted his blade away from L.V.’s and smashed the flat of the blade into L.V.’s red and black armor.

When L.V. began to speak with a hollow voice, empty of emotion. “Who would have known that I would have gained the attention of the great Leon Valentine?” Eon heard L.V. chuckling inside of his helmet, “You should know that you can’t stop me.”

Before Eon could open his mouth to reply, L.V. was rushing through the air, he crashed his blade into his, they braced their swords together, fighting each others current. L.V. pressing back with both hands on his handle and Eon pushing back with only one arm, he lifted his hand up and smashed it into L.V.’s chin with an uppercut, then followed through with a slash across L.V.’s waist.

L.V. simply spun out of the slice; no blood, only a dark moldy water substance exited the wound followed by a smell of rot and decay of human flesh.

Eon stopped suddenly, staring into the helmet of L.V. searching for the thing he couldn’t find. There were no pulse. No heartbeat, no electrical surges to or from the brain, it was an emptiness. A void of existence. A puppet.

L.V. swung his blade at head level and Eon seamlessly blocked it and shoved L.V. back.

“Why can’t I sense your mind?” Eon said lowering his sword to his side.

“You Aeons and your mind reading, you should know not all beings give off a pulse.” L.V. erupted into unstable laughter and within a moment disappeared into the winds as a strong current blew across the land, and Eon watched as specks of metal floated through the air.

When suddenly he realized, the Kreeper were watching. No longer held back by L.V. and they surged forward like dogs to the feast.

Eon spun in a wild circle slicing over and under fending and blocking, as everything seemed to be happening so suddenly and quickly. There were Kreeper above him and Kreeper overflowing all around him; Eon sliced wickedly, thick blurs of green blood splashed across his body as he ended more and more of the Kreeper’s lives.

Within moments of the fight Eon was drenched in their green blood, he kept moving and jumping off dead Kreeper bodies slicing around in angles and with undeniable accuracy of speed and just pure power.

Eon yelled in sudden pain as a Kreeper launched out from behind, clamping its teeth down into his right shoulder, piercing through his armor. He twisted his body breaking its neck violently with just the motion. He summoned his power into his left hand, and growled a quiet hum of a chant known as Si’oh’li’on, then in a huge spectacle released it into the ground and blasted through them all with just pure power. Disintegrating all beings within a hundred foot radius.

Eon flew up into the sky and met up with Evih and Lunas…

“Where is Salayja and Rav’lu…?” Eon asked, holding his emotions up tight inside of his chest.

“Rav’lu was injured, he teleported to the Great Wall for medical treatment, Salayja disappeared when L.V. did. We don’t know where she went…” Eon quickly shut down his emotions he wanted to scream but just looked thinly at Evih.

“Evih… Lunas, I want you to go to the Great Wall and aid Ne`kell, he’ll need you to slow down the Kreeper coming from the land of Nor’shire.” Evih and Lunas nodded but did not teleport, “What is it?” He asked of them.

“What are you going to do Eon? I think you know you can barely take him by yourself.” Evih said quietly staring at Eon’s blood covered body.

“If Salayja is there than we are more than enough to destroy the puppeteer, Ne`kell needs you and that’s all that matters, the survival of the Vatheran seems to depend upon us Aeons once again…” Eon breathed easy now as his anger and sadness passed, “I’ll destroy the rest of these Je`kells and then I’ll head out for L.V.”

After he was finished speaking, they disappeared into the air and now his soul turned into one violent bloody blur as he rained down on them mercilessly.

* * *

Ne`kell watched as Tau and her crew of demolitionists planted and dug out the web of mines and explosives when his nano clicked on inside his helmet, “Sir, I regret to inform you that we now only have five days and twelve hours…” CIX said bowing his head.

“What?” Ne`kell stared quietly at his view screen as CIX continued to speak.

“They increased speed considerable shire, and the recent incoming is saying that they’re on the verge of increasing speed again to thirty miles per hour sir.”

Ne`kell breathed heavily inside of his helmet, that only gave them 33-hours.

Ne`kell began yelling into the comm. broadcasting to all soldiers and equipment crew, “Double time! I want everything done today!” He fixed his gaze on Tau and with a gruff voice said, “You have until tomorrow Tau…”

He switched comm. lines over to the engineer crews. “I want the spikes repaired on the Wall immediately. All Vatheran are to begin work on the defenses unless given a previous assignment. I want ten Elites on the top of the wall looking for scouts.” Over six-hundred thousand men and women working towards a final stand.

“Let the Universe bless our efforts.” In addition, as if on cue three Aeons appeared before him, tired and covered in blood.

“Aeons, I seem to be blessed to have three of you here…” Ne`kell said quietly nodding towards them.

“Yes, Eon told us to come to your aid; it looks like we’re needed…” The front Aeon said addressing Ne`kell firmly, “Eon has begun the chase of L.V. we do not know when he will return…”

“I do not know your names…” Ne`kell asked kindly gesturing his hand in front of them.

“I am Evih, Baron of De’tune.” The lead Aeon said, and then the next Aeon spoke.

“I am Lunas the Being.”

The Next Aeon bowed slightly towards Ne`kell and replied, “Rav’lu of Valthera…”

“Yes—three of the last Aeons in the world it seems, how many are there now?” Ne`kell asked curiously.

“Only five my lord…” Evih replied.

“Five… How many were there before?” Ne`kell said before his nano came onto his screen.

“I can tell you that sir. There were just about one hundred when the war broke out over nine years ago.” CIX said with excitement.

Ne`kell looked at his nano scornfully before Evih spoke up, “There were one hundred as your nano said, but several, roughly six went missing at the beginning of the virus, unaccounted for, which is unusual since we can sense each other through the Aeon bond.” Evih said frowning then took off his helmet, which gave him the look of invincibility to show a weathered young man, “I have survived for over one-hundred years and was thrust into the Battle of the Jun-ix-even before most Aeons knew they had powers.”

* * *

“Show yourself L.V.!” Eon yelled out into the desolate castle of Le Jackal finally letting his anger out.

Eon moved forward through the gateway, looking around in the deserted streets, and caved in buildings left to rot. The grayness of the area sent a chill down his spine and above him in the sky was blackness that looked like the mouth of a cave with no sunlight.

It became darker as he went in deeper into the castle, and watched as the place became eerie. Lightning struck down from the dark cloud, striking the area in front of him.

Eon teleported away into a building that was next to the path and watched as the lightning struck down again and shattered the ground.

Eon moved on down the rows of buildings walking along the narrow alleyways that once had names. He twisted suddenly, he heard chattering and running behind him and ahead of him. He teleported again but this time into the dark cloud and disappeared into it…

The air of the cloud began to grab him quickly and pull him down into the black mass before slamming him sideways through the air. A rod of lightning burst forth and sent him back down towards the ground; he smashed through a building, hitting the rock foundation underneath.

He groaned as he lifted himself up and felt his spine pop, his armor began to stabilize his spine and correct it.

He moaned quietly again and summoned his sword out of the air. He dipped the blade down into the rock and let out a sigh as he leaned against his hilt struggling to breathe as his ribs snapped back into place along with his spine.

He snapped up violently, suddenly sensing a dozen souls coming towards him in a rush of violent fever he could feel them. Ready to hack and to kill. When the first man came through the doorway of the house, Eon grabbed his neck and slammed him down into the hard rock, he waited for the next person to come in when he heard a human voice.

“Alright come on out Aeon, I should’ve known it was someone like you, you didn’t kill the C’eza did you?” A C’eza is a dark skinned Vatheran that is usually born in the deserts of Wan’al’ay’ah.

“No… I merely tore him into the ground…” Eon knew he could slaughter them, but he walked out to meet one of The Beings, Eon looked at him skeptically. “Dilie what’re you doing here?”

“What the Great Beings are for, to destroy any who might attack the tower of A’vah…” Dilie replied.

“The tower of A’vah still stands? I thought all the safeguards you humans put into place failed nine years ago.”

Dilie let a snarl touch his lips, “It was your kind that let our people die. Great men like your father Setain would never have let his friends die Leon.”

Eon fixed his gaze on Dilie quietly, feeling the pain that resonated from the man. His father Setain; one of the first human’s to see Valthera. One of the first to survive the Realm of Insanity. Eon thought quietly about his father, it had been three years since he had given him thought. Nine years since he had seen his brothers and his sister, Victor, Dante and Sis’traini’dei.

“Dilie... How is my brother?” Eon’s gut tightened remembering his brother slowly.

“Milord Victor Valentine is well Leon—“

“Don’t do that.”

“Do what?” Dilie took a step back from the ever growing presence of Eon.

“Use my dead name. Do it again and I’ll kill all of you where you stand.” Eon’s darkness ebbed and he stepped away slowly moving towards the Tower of A’vah where the humans fled and hid while the world died.

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