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[EXCERPT] History of Valthera, by Artemis Asinere

[Excerpt On the topic of Shire and the Aeons]

... The one now known simply as Shire, came and took what he so desired, he held nothing back from himself. He took many wives and many concubines until their number amounted to 1090, so was the way of the Shire.

Shire’s seed was potent, after one year’s time his sons and daughters amounted to more than his wives, his seed bore him twins, triplets so on and so forth.

According to their kinds they were gathered, being named after and by the Great Lord Cle’vier Shire.

Among these were the twins of Berkshire who was son of Cle’vier: Leoshire and Feroshire and their relatives.

Feroshire grew in anger and ambition, no longer desiring to dwell under his grandfather’s name ’shire’ he continued until his death known as Fer’os.

From the Shires came the Aeons, orders bringers, rulers of the land when no lord could be found among the people. The Aeons would hold no lands or titles, yet they grew and honed their powers. 

While the Shire grew old and whithered, dying at the age of 3,987--Having well over that number of children, his line grew and prospered.

His son, Berkshire grew powerful, being the only single birth under Shire, his power was not split between a sibling. Berkshire slayed his elder half-brother Hishire, the firstborn, his ambition being all that could end him.

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Berkshire continued in this way, dominating those who stood against him, even the Aeons and they too failed in number.

Berkshire ruled without resistance for many years, fear always being the factor. It was in this time, the time of constructed false peace--that the power of the Aeon’s and of the Shire’s came into question, becoming mere myth.

The people grew in anger and frustration and with it was stirred rebellion--

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