Thank you all, thank you for the support. I’ve been going through many life changes through this process, all that I’ve come out better from as a result. Thank you for preordering, following, and liking my work. I will be revamping my cover, and sending my complete manuscript out to my editor before returning for my third and final funding campaign. There will be updates, additional chapters and behind the scenes grabs that I have planned and finally finished. I’ve learned so much from this platform, my audience, and peers. I am finally ready to give my books a fighting chance.

Thank you all for being awesome!

So, my campaign ended... What now? I’ll just keep writing and editing (and figuring out this Inkshares layout-- sorry to some of you that have direct messaged me, the layout is a bit confusing at times but I think I’ve finally grasped everything).  I’ve learned a lot over these last few months about how to promote and engage with followers, and I am building a following so that next time I campaign (oh there’s going to be a next time!), we will hit that Quill mark (and hopefully beyond). I will release new chapters, character profiles, and some awesome artwork and extras that will come with the book (look out for the official bookmark, map, comic storyboards, and propaganda posters!). Thank you all for following, and I can’t wait to show you what’s in store for The Technicolor Prohibition! 

I look forward to hearing from you all, and finally getting into some of your great novels as well! 


To all readers: 

Chapter two has been uploaded for The Technicolor Prohibition!  Editing for chapter 9 is underway, and I am hoping those who are reading get more about the story from this chapter.  I will be uploading character profiles and other snippets of history from The Technicolor Prohibition on my site in the coming weeks (www.jessicascarter.com). Thank you so much for checking out my novel and for following!

And a big thanks goes to my first three funders!  You guys are awesome, and I can’t wait until you get the gifts I have in store for you. 


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