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A writer first, a reader always.
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Donna Meadows is a lesbian. Fertility rules status; and homosexuals are biologically incapable of having children; where does Donna stand?
Jonna Pruitt is a criminal. After serving consecutive life sentences what’s an immortal girl to do with so much freedom?
Chera is the sole passenger aboard a flight to Mars. A chance of a lifetime becomes a mysterious disappearance.
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You need only read the first few lines of Darcy Conroy's The War of Wind and Moon to become smitten with it. It's exactly what you're looking for: Beautifully written, imaginative, and enveloping. Add it to your bookshelf, you won't be disappointed!
17-year-old Mia exists in a chronic state of anxiety. The counselors at her last two schools had a word for it: hyper-vigilance. At Kazemoto Security Corp.’s Supernatural Division, the recruitment scouts have a word for it, too: potential.
I felt at home in this universe almost instantly. Like walking around Sapphire Pointe was something I did everyday. Lovely characters, promising mystery and great start. Definitely coming back for more!
Amber--a witch who follows the rules until demons start organizing. She trains with James to secretly use illegal magic & find out what the demons want. What she doesn’t know is this path can lead her to exactly where the demon in charge wants her...
A beautiful world of fantasy! This story is rich in description, mystery, and great central characters. Beautiful writing, lovely images and amazing storytelling, add this to your bookshelf ASAP!
The land shapes where the Warsingers make music. Profound masters of war, wielding mysterious weapons of power. Within their crucible of battle the turning of an age comes to a young world. An age tolling with an ominous bell’s insidious fury.
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