Msh Davis
Each chapter of The Ship with Red Hair adds more intrigue and suspense for readers.  The question that will certainly be asked after digesting this latest chapter is why there is seemingly a change of heart for ships to participate -- when at first --such an action was initially not taken to very well.  Could it be that the naysayers prevalent in this chapter are simply hesitant to take the next step which looks to have unknown consequences. Of course, readers may begin to come to their own conclusions as to whether there are hidden plots, agendas, or other actions behind the decisions of the major players in this novel. Such actions are the magnetic draws of the author's The Ship with Red Hair which makes the book and each chapter a true page-turner.The author does more than simply spell out what will happen next -- rather he pushes -- no urges readers to use their imagination to wonder where the next adventure will lead. Another question is whether the decision will eventually be changed and a more pragmatic or dare I say logical course of actions ensue.  Regarding the author's artful writing -- I like the style of writing used for each of the chapters -- that gets better with each new and different chapter published.  The metaphors and excellent use of language are utilized not only to visualize, but used as a means to creatively advance the story along. The skillful use of forward-thinking language by the author is evident in the chapters of the book.Now -- being faced with a cliff hanger, so to speak, you may want to inquire of the talented writer -- aside from knowing that patience is a virtue -- what's in store for the next chapters.  To coin a well-known phrase -- Enquiring minds want to know. In the meantime, this reader and I'm sure many others are waiting to see what happens next!
Msh Davis

Chapter 1 of The Ship With Red Hair kept me on edge the whole time I read it.  I felt like I was right there alongside the main character, learning about all his training,the different type ships and hoping he did not make a mistake -- especially on the first day of his job as a Communications Officer.  

This masterpiece Chapter One is revetinig, suspenseful, exciting and most importantly -- steeped in reality.  The way the author carries the reader through the emotions, dialog and other acions of the main character is genius. I could not stop reading -- from the beginning to the end. I can't wait to find out what happens next in this world that I visualize is made up of the beauty of space as well as the ships that call this magnificent expanse their home.

Congratulations to the author, Derrick J. Hopkins, on a chapter that was not only well written -- but was engrossing as well.
I'm waiting in anticipation for the next excellent chapters.  Very well done!
Msh Davis
Chapter Two of The Ship with Red Hair continues the suspenseful saga from Chapter One about the new Communications Officer who is in training and the ensuing exciting events.  In this chapter there is an unexpected turn as he is chosen to attend a Fleet Conference -- to his dismay and astonishment. Not only is the storyline different than any I've read before, but I can actally envision the young Communications Officer becoming excited at first with his new assignment; however, the question is -- will that excitment endure.  I enjoyed reading how the talented author, Derrick J. Hopkins, describes the happenings in Chapter Two with the distinct exchange one would imagine would transpire between a space ship's Communications Officer and his trainer.  The author takes us to the core of not only the dialog between the characters, but let us experience the resulting metaphors which in my opinion are genius.  Among the many favorable attributes, including the storyline, setting and the characters -- I was impressed with the analogies used by the author throughout including the importance of making important decisions (pun intended).This story is truly a work of literary genius. With each chapter another painting in words unfolds to not only reveal the exciting events happening in The Ship with Red Hair, but continues to show the writing of this author is beyond compare as he guides us creatively along the exciting adventures in The Ship with Red Hair.  Believe you me -- these are events where I want to have a seat -- front and center.  Keep up the excellent work! 
Msh Davis
When I read the previous chapters of The Ship with Red Hair, I was left wondering what is going to happen next.  This holds true for Chapter 3 which is even more engrossing and attention grabbing as the previous two chapters.  The creativity of this writing style is absolutely genius.  As you read the descriptions of the scenery, coupled with the realistic dialogue, you can actually visualize the characters as they meet and interact with each other for what may be the first of many conversations.  I could visualize the glowing beverages being served at the Fleet Conference as the story line continues about the happenings at this event.  The dialogue flows smoothly and naturally, just as if you were watching the characters talk to each other on a movie screen  or in real life for that matter -- when in actuality you are  reading the prose of the characters as depicted by the talented writer.  As I read the storyline, I could emphathize with the trainee who is anxious at being at his first FC, but somehow confident that he will do an excellent job that he was chosen for.  Suffice it to say, I anxiously await each chapter.  I can rest assured that the next chapters and this whole embodiment of literature work will be sure to impress.  To the writer, I would say keep up this magnificent work.  I happily await the next chapters as the exciting story of The Ship with Red Hair continues.  Thank you for this chapter and those previous.  They certainly were good, entertaining reads that should not be missed by anyone who recognizes and enjoys the imaginative ideas, thoughts, dialogue, action and more from the talented writer of The Ship with Red Hair. Onwards and upwards!
Hunter Red
Check out Chapter 3 of The Ship With Red Hair, an upcoming book by Derrick Hopkins. I'm looking forward to seeing how this story further develops, as well as one day getting this tale in my hands.
Msh Davis
Yet another stellar chapter from the book, The Ship with Red Hair.  This chapter reads as if you are actually in the area with the trainee as actions take place.  The way this talente writer describes the minute details of the surroundings is quite impressive -- so much so that I can see the environment.  In fact, when I read the words of this magnificently written chapter, I can envision what is going on as if I was there with the trainee, not knowing if his ship would be called next or further down the line.  The author has an excellent way of using metaphors as well as comparisons to describe the appearances of the characters, exemplifed by the way the woman who was taking the roll call was described.  I am eagerly awaiting the other chapters.   If this one is any indication, the next chapters will be even be just as exciting and attention grabbing as the chapters before it.  This chapter also has an element of suspense, since something out of the routine is spoken during the roll call.  I'm curious what made this ship different from all the rest.  Perfect cliff hanger to draw the reader into what is going on.  I anticipate your next chapters and thank you for this chapter.  Keep up the excellent work!
An intriguing setting. I'm intensely curious where the story will go.