Hunter Red

Writer, novelist, potential lunch winner.  Currently trying to find financial success in the creative industry.
Hunter is the author of
Two women trade stories of their failed romantic endeavors while on a date at a coffee shop.
Debra Sialis and Lindsay McLaurin are two women who are apprehensive about their romantic lives for different reasons. These two meet online, take a chance, and in doing to reveal things about themselves they scarcely would even admit to.
Books Hunter Recommends
Check out Chapter 3 of "The Ship With Red Hair", an upcoming book by Derrick Hopkins. I'm looking forward to seeing how this story further develops, as well as one day getting this tale in my hands.
The earth has become unlivable and now we survive by travelling through space on generation ships. One of these ships is about to make a decision that could destroy what’s left of the human race. That ship is a 22 year old girl.
Take some time and read "Drive By" a chapter of "Mutants: Uprising" by Jane-Holly Meissner. This chapter makes me more excited to read the book in it's entirety.
It’s hard to be the ’good guy’ when you lead the local cell of the League, a terrorist organization. Gang warfare turns out to be the least of your worries when shadowy organizations start targeting your friends.
Check out "Buddha on Broadway" a new chapter of "Lost in the Fog" by Michael Ostrowski. This is a book I'm looking forward to reading.
He’s a disgraced reporter, she’s a wide-eyed journalism grad…an art heist and the story of a lifetime could get them both killed.
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