A Review of The Ship With Red Hair

The artistry used in writing this chapter as well as the other chapters speaks volumes about the writer's talent in not only setting the stage for the actions, but also to enable readers to visualize the actions as they are taking place.  Nothing is spared as the author describes the characters and the environment as well as adding character conversations and dialogue for the activities that are taking place.  As you read the latest chapter in "The Ship with Red Hair", you will, just as I have, sit on the edge of your seat not knowing what to expect next, but knowing it will be an interesting read.  The writer paints a picture just as clear as if you were watching it on the big screen.  I am thoroughly impressed by the level of detail demonstrated as one can envision the character being alone in this room, not knowing what to expect, and then unexpectedly surprised by the appearance of this mysterious character.

Additionally, throughout this latest chapter, I was amazed at the various literary metaphors used throughout.  The author showed how magnificently the English language can be used and mastered to make the words on the pages come alive -- to the point of actuallly not only imagining the character being in this predicament, but also the feelings and deep sense of suspense shown simply by the author's gift for writing.  As such, the words seem more than just words but actual depictions of thoughts, feelings, and an array of actions that perfectly complement the scenarios in this chapter.  As I read the lines of "The Ship with Red Hair", I am anticipating seeing how the story unfolds further under the guidance and direction of its talented author.