A Review of The Ship With Red Hair

Each chapter of The Ship with Red Hair adds more intrigue and suspense for readers.  The question that will certainly be asked after digesting this latest chapter is why there is seemingly a change of heart for ships to participate -- when at first --such an action was initially not taken to very well.  Could it be that the naysayers prevalent in this chapter are simply hesitant to take the next step which looks to have unknown consequences. Of course, readers may begin to come to their own conclusions as to whether there are hidden plots, agendas, or other actions behind the decisions of the major players in this novel. Such actions are the magnetic draws of the author's The Ship with Red Hair which makes the book and each chapter a true "page-turner."

The author does more than simply spell out what will happen next -- rather he pushes -- no urges readers to use their imagination to wonder where the next adventure will lead. Another question is whether the decision will eventually be changed and a more pragmatic or dare I say logical course of actions ensue.  

Regarding the author's artful writing -- I like the style of writing used for each of the chapters -- that gets better with each new and different chapter published.  The metaphors and excellent use of language are utilized not only to visualize, but used as a means to creatively advance the story along. The skillful use of forward-thinking language by the author is evident in the chapters of the book.

Now -- being faced with a cliff hanger, so to speak, you may want to inquire of the talented writer -- aside from knowing that patience is a virtue -- what's in store for the next chapters.  To coin a well-known phrase -- "Enquiring minds want to know." In the meantime, this reader and I'm sure many others are waiting to see what happens next!