A Review of The Ship With Red Hair

When I read the previous chapters of The Ship with Red Hair, I was left wondering what is going to happen next.  This holds true for Chapter 3 which is even more engrossing and attention grabbing as the previous two chapters.  The creativity of this writing style is absolutely genius.  As you read the descriptions of the scenery, coupled with the realistic dialogue, you can actually visualize the characters as they meet and interact with each other for what may be the first of many conversations.  I could visualize the glowing beverages being served at the Fleet Conference as the story line continues about the happenings at this event.  The dialogue flows smoothly and naturally, just as if you were watching the characters talk to each other on a movie screen  or in real life for that matter -- when in actuality you are  reading the prose of the characters as depicted by the talented writer.  As I read the storyline, I could emphathize with the trainee who is anxious at being at his first FC, but somehow confident that he will do an excellent job that he was chosen for.  Suffice it to say, I anxiously await each chapter.  I can rest assured that the next chapters and this whole embodiment of literature work will be sure to impress.  To the writer, I would say keep up this magnificent work.  I happily await the next chapters as the exciting story of The Ship with Red Hair continues.  Thank you for this chapter and those previous.  They certainly were good, entertaining reads that should not be missed by anyone who recognizes and enjoys the imaginative ideas, thoughts, dialogue, action and more from the talented writer of The Ship with Red Hair. Onwards and upwards!