A Review of The Ship With Red Hair

Chapter Two of The Ship with Red Hair continues the suspenseful saga from Chapter One about the new Communications Officer who is in training and the ensuing exciting events.  In this chapter there is an unexpected turn as he is chosen to attend a Fleet Conference -- to his dismay and astonishment. 

Not only is the storyline different than any I've read before, but I can actally envision the young Communications Officer becoming excited at first with his new assignment; however, the question is -- will that excitment endure.  I enjoyed reading how the talented author, Derrick J. Hopkins, describes the happenings in Chapter Two with the distinct exchange one would imagine would transpire between a space ship's Communications Officer and his trainer.  The author takes us to the core of not only the dialog between the characters, but let us experience the resulting metaphors which in my opinion are genius.  Among the many favorable attributes, including the storyline, setting and the characters -- I was impressed with the analogies used by the author throughout including the importance of making important decisions (pun intended).

This story is truly a work of literary genius. With each chapter another painting in words unfolds to not only reveal the exciting events happening in The Ship with Red Hair, but continues to show the writing of this author is beyond compare as he guides us creatively along the exciting adventures in The Ship with Red Hair.  Believe you me -- these are events where I want to have a seat -- front and center.  Keep up the excellent work!