P.H. James
Updated a logline for the novel I’m developing. If you find it at all interesting, please take a moment and follow, comment, or recommend. Thanks so much!
It's like a more gruesome Dogma, with a great story underneath all the nanobot controlled mayhem. Really neat idea
Rebekka S. Leber
When I challenged… demanded… straight up told (D: all of the above) PH James live on Drinkshares: Last Call to post excerpts of the Seventh Aspect, I meant it when I said I needed to read this, just as I mean it now: I NEED TO READ THIS! From the very first chapter PH James has you writhing from his visceral descriptions, laughing at his use of levity in breaking tension, and devouring the words as your mind reels them into movie-esque visuals from his natural flowing prose. Thank you for sating my need, PH. I was not disappointed. And, as readers, neither will you be.
I love the concept.
Rebekka S. Leber
Any book that can make you cringe from the description, then laugh in the next sentence is my kind of book. Stunning visuals, natural dialogue, flowing prose. Make this book be on your shelf.
Stephen Carignan
With a great start, we are introduced to the internal conflict within the protagonist, and also the overlying tension of the through-line of the piece. There is great commentary on the world as explained through the imagery the aliens are focusing on which also gives great information to the reader as well. There is definitely enough mystery to keep the pages turning and I look forward to reading more!
Stephen Carignan
This has great commentary on societal norms through the eyes of an alien. Definitely worth a read and a follow.
Sharyl Friend Pavlisko
Must check THIS ONE! Following on Twitter, too!
Christopher Lee
This is a zeitgeist of an idea! Absolutely and utterly fascinating. I'll be following this one with zeal.
Joshua Griffith
A great concept and I can't wait to read more. I love stories where there's unseen battles and struggles between good and evil all the while the general population has no idea that they're in danger. I'm hooked and ready to back this one!