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Paul Plante

AFFINITIES, THE FIRST ONES. STEEL’S EARTH. Inspired by sci-fi and super powers, and the dreams that lead me to write my stories.
Paul is the author of
An old story, built up from ideas of burgeoning superheroes trying to find their own way, stumbling over their mistakes, and the violence of their aggressors. Four young adults and teens become among Affinities, the first ones in the world.
Inspired by a vivid dream, fascination of science-fiction, and love of covering everything in a little humour. Steel’s Earth is a story of redemption, , and all the trouble that comes with it.
Books Paul Recommends
Kanimbla is a sort of story worth reading because of how great the dialogue is. As the characters follow about, the story becomes an adventure as if the reader were in it. Currently funding! Check it!
Join the King’s Fourth Sword Company and the brave crew of the Kanimbla in their fight for survival as they struggle against the elements and the unknown in a strange new land.
Great story telling, fantastic stage setting in the history of the characters, the revealing at the end of the uploads. Also, it's a part of the Nerdist contest, so check it out!
A family fighting corporate conspiracy strikes back with technology the world is not ready for.
Vivid scenes set by great writing weaving natural feeling characters. Great opening, bar fights are always fun. Entrant for the Nerdist contest!
Lyn’s loyalty to the crew is tested, and the fate of the universe may hang in the balance, when a dangerous job at the edge of space comes to the crew of the Genesis.
Books Paul recently read
by Jack Campbell
by Tom Reynolds
by Brandon Sanderson
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