Rebekka S. Leber

Fledgling writer, social studies teacher, feminist, socialist, nerd, quirkiness enthusiast, and 1/4 of the podcast Drinkshares: Last Call. @DrinksharesLC
Rebekka is the author of
The rebellious, irresponsible child of the realm’s most legendary romance is forced into leadership when a fallen god attacks, destroying everything she has ever known.
A rabid fangirl kidnaps her celebrity crush only to find he’s nothing like the character he plays on TV.
Books Rebekka Recommends
I think I learned more from this than ever reading the Bible. The depth of research and biblical knowledge is impressive. Cruikshank manages to truly make you feel sympathy for the devil.
The story of Lucifer, and his rather cheeky adventures while possessing a nun who is pregnant with the child of an archangel. Lots of laughs
Any book that can make you cringe from the description, then laugh in the next sentence is my kind of book. Stunning visuals, natural dialogue, flowing prose. Make this book be on your shelf.
A compassionate alien scientist races to prove to his people that humanity deserves to learn the truth about God  – before he’s forced to exterminate us.
If you love mythology and punk-style science genres, make supporting this project a priority. Lindsey paints beautiful and sometimes chilling visuals with his prose, and has created a strong cast of female characters. Follow this now!
Charlie just wants to work on cars in peace. Until a stranger arrives with news about her father’s death. He says she has a Gift, and she’s needed in a war that’s been hidden from the world for ages. Charlene has to find the truth-and make a choice.
Books Rebekka recently read
by Marissa Meyer
by G. Willow Wilson
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