Lena (Helena and Malena)
Fun premise that sorcery can be taught in a for dummies type format. Clever and intriguing.
Tal M. Klein
Finally this book is out of draft mode and I can pre-order it. What can I say, I absolutely love everything about this concept. Can't wait to read it!
Sam Ganesh
Reminds me of the movies I used to watch as a kid... not that it's childish, in that it features and child in adult situations... I could see this growing into something great!
Christopher Lee
This looks to be chock full of good lore! Sorcery vs. Science! I am in!
Stephen Carignan
While the story behind Sorcery for Beginners would be an engaging read by itself, the world is made more rich by the historical footnotes of magical tomes expanding on the world itself. This creates a three dimensional playground where the reader can become fully immersed. This level of detail is seldom seen in works today and I cannot wait to see the finished version.
Malia Lukomski
Check out this awesome project!
Landon Trine
This book has me with just the Intro and Chapter 1. I love the idea of a How to guide for magic told as a series of stories with notes to the reader interspersed, and I also like the idea that the Freemasons are secretly all about destroying magic. If the sample is any indication of the rest of the book, I want to read this!
Alyssa Hogan
This book is original and also- just sounds so fun. Looking forward to my copy coming!
I like this concept. Clearly the author has researched the history of sorcery and built upon it with believable details from history.
Ria Preisler Rabun
I love the concept of this story! I really enjoyed the format, especially the asides.