Lena (Helena and Malena)

Two novelists who had twice the fun and half the angst co-writing a supernatural thriller.
Lena is the author of
A gripping mystery with supernatural twists, Sparked hauntingly portrays the complex relationship between sisters and the lengths that one will go to save the other.
Books Lena Recommends
F.A. Parker really knows how to tell a great story. She will drop you into the wintry woods of Nova Scotia such that you can feel the chill when her characters do. And her characters are incredible: layered and complex and surprising. Follow this talent!
Elizebeth  Reynar, descendant of a Pictish witch, turns vampire, fulfilling prophecy and triggering a war of the species. She struggles to hold onto love and friends amid the drastic changes in her life while balancing the burden of her gifts.
Just found this and really like the introductory chapter. Already some interesting character contradictions emerging in this girl who both does and doesn't want to be selected to leave her village. Fun fantasy concept.
It takes Magic to become a Noble, and Sky is shocked when she is discovered to have the gift. Forced to leave home and travel to the High Court for training, Sky finds out just how dangerous her new life is. While in the West a great evil waits.
Love this premise, and I KNOW my ten year old son would too. The fusion of historical, contemporary fiction and mystery sounds fantastic.
A shy young boy magically travels back to 1885 and takes part in the world’s first and greatest scavenger hunt.
Books Lena recently read
by Lauren Oliver
by Meg Wolitzer
by Neil Gaiman
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