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Alexandra Welch

I love losing myself in stories, and in nature. When I’m not reading, writing or performing, I go on adventures, which are really just glorified walks through the woods. And I still hope to find magic behind every tree and under every rock.
Alexandra is the author of
A girl seeks answers to the mystery behind her father’s drowning and mother’s disappearance with the help of her friends and an unusual feline guardian as strange happenings threaten their small town.
The line between fantasy and reality blurs for the young men and women in these nine tales of wicked fun and dark thrills: Alpha, The Game, The Fangover, RWF, White Knight, Queen B, Trigger, That Time of the Month, and Omega.
Books Alexandra Recommends
Rich characterization and world building, and it doesn't get any more star crossed than demons and angels in love.
An ambitious she-devil with a dark secret that could rock both Heaven and Hell starts an illicit love affair with a disgruntled angel. When a ruthless co-worker discovers her secrets, she’s forced to take drastic steps before all hell breaks loose.
Flight of Angels' heroine, snappy dialogue, and detective noir stylings has filled the Agent Carter sized hole in my heart.
A street smart secretary navigates the seedy underbelly of 1950’s Los Angeles to clear the name of her boss, a private investigator who is framed for the murder of a young woman found in the La Brea tar pits.
Not your typical vampire story. Sure to be a wild, surprising ride. Read the excerpts. You'll be dying for more.
Government agents coerce a snarky but craven vampire into confronting a dragon in the arctic wilds of Canada.  Part of a planned series.
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