Ria Preisler Rabun

I taught myself to read at three years old and haven’t stopped since. Majored in English, Asian Studies, and History.
Ria is the author of
Bound to a fearsome enemy warrior by the red strings of fate, Ren Hongchang must use forbidden woman’s magic to fulfill her oath to free the Han Emperor and redeem the man she loves.
Books Ria Recommends
I love the concept of this story! I really enjoyed the format, especially the asides.
A 13 year-old boy finds an easy-to-read, how-to manual for magic. Now he just has to prevent everyone else from stealing it.
The story sucked me in and blew my mind. The writing is fantastic; the descriptions are perfectly vivid and the characters are whole, completely fleshed out people. Best of all, Terminus makes you FEEL everything in it. I can't wait to read the rest!
What would become of the world if the dead never left us, if we could reach across the divide and communicate with those we’ve lost?
Books Ria recently read
by Mercedes Lackey
by Jacqueline Carey
by Robin McKinley
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