Hey everyone! Concerning my work with Orin and the Skyscrapers, I just wanted to give a quick update. I am currently putting my focus into the live action book trailer set to release this Summer. The Costumes are going to be great! I hope you enjoy. I decided to work on this live action promo to take a break from the writing and exercise my creativity in a different medium. The films will continue and I will make a series for Youtube after the book has been released. Thank you all for your interest and support. Now back to the arduous/exciting art of imagination. God bless and take care all!



Hey y’all, I am starting production of Orin And The Skyscrapers (live action teaser) starting this weekend! I would like to humbly ask for financial support to help make this film. You name will appear in the credits and this short will be distributed to a multitude of venues for marketing. Thank you for your faith and support! Bless you all!



Hey everyone! I’m really excited to let y’all know that I’ve updated Orin and the Skyscrapers! Check out the draft so far and please feel free to send feedback. I’m still doing my best to complete this project in a timely manner :) take care everyone!

Hey everybody! So as some of you know, I’m a first year teacher and I’m just starting to enjoy the number one perk of the job in my opinion...SUMMER VACATION! It was a great end to a great school year and I’m anxious to get this book all wrapped up and into your hands. I still lack about 100 issues to meet my "Quill" publishing goal, but I’m confident that with a little marketing and enthusiasm it will come. Thanks everyone for hanging in there and being patient. 

All the best,


I wanted to reach out and let everyone know that things are still on schedule with Orin and the Skyscrapers. I still aim to reach over 250 copies preordered to ensure publishing. This book has been 3 years in the making and I am finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Please continue to share! Thank you all!


A little update for everyone: As some of you know I am a Teacher and we have EOC testing this week. I have been pretty busy to say the least. However, my research and development is almost to an end as I round out the last details of Orin and the Skyscrapers! I’m extremely excited about this book and I hope you are too! 

Keep an eye out for the live action trailer due to start filming in May! Please keep spreading the word and we will get this adventure published! Thank you all for your patience and support!


Hey y’all! 

I have been busy proofreading and editing chapters 1-3. I will have chapter 4 up very soon. 

I have begun working on a live action book trailer! So keep an eye out for updates on that, I will have a casting call and start shooting in May.  

I am having a great time with this book and can’t wait to finish and polish it up for you guys. Thanks for the support and keep spreading the word for me. Right now we are just shy of 50% to Quill. 

I will continue marketing after I complete some finalized artwork and produce some merchandise. 

end of line

Hey everyone! I apologize for not getting back to some of you as quickly as I had hoped. However, I did want to say Congrats to the winners of the Space Opera contest! Also, I am very thankful for all of your support in pulling me up to 7th place in a two week funding period! I had a blast!

Just some updates on Orin and the Skyscrapers for y’all: 

I have split chapter one into three chapters and will move my original chapter two into into four and so on. I am new to writing and would appreciate any structural advice anyone can give. Also, I am working on new artwork for the story. 

When I started this project back in 2013 I planned to make a comic book line, graphic novel, audio book, and yes, even a super low budget movie. Graphic novel will be checked off the list soon (50% to Quill). Then it is on to the next! 

Please help me spread the word about Orin and the Skyscrapers and bring the Indiana Jones of space to life!

Thank you all!

Till next time,
3:45am...I was really hoping to update the content on the book, but I don’t feel that it’s ready tonight so we will have to wait for tomorrow. Brain... must... sleep....although I am having so much fun! I hope you all enjoy the updates tomorrow! Thank you everyone for pulling me into 9th! I still have many more supporters who will join the cause over the next two days! Let’s see how this plays out! I won’t give up till the time is up. Crash and Burn (Robot Jox) 

All, thank you for the support. I will be uploading new content and hopefully artwork this evening. 

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