Christopher Huang
You're hired to steal some art, but someone else beats you to it and now your client is demanding ... reparations. The world absolutely needs more mystery capers like this!
Jane-Holly Meissner
Lost in the Fog starts like a classic noir mystery with the entrance of a mysterious woman in need - only she needs you to rob a museum with her and the plot escalates from there. Check it out!
Zak Standridge
I like the velocity; you're dipped into the narrative and before you know it you're soaked! ...SCAB! (haha)
Todd S. Wonkka
Ostrowski writes with such direct strength of setting, and honesty of character that it rips the page.
Hunter Red
Check out Buddha on Broadway a new chapter of Lost in the Fog by Michael Ostrowski. This is a book I'm looking forward to reading.
Matt Mann
Good stuff Michael!  Can't wait to read more!
Benjamin Gray
I love the characters. As a former journalist, let me just say that Ostrowski gets it.
Lost in the Fog is exactly the kind of book you want to read on a rainy day. It transports you to a San Francisco the tourists never get to experience: a city populated by criminals, hustlers and double crossers. A terrific read!
dean fearce
Michael's got the perfect opener and the pitch perfect patter. I liked this so much, I bought it twice.