Zak standridge

Zak Standridge

Better to write for yourself and have no public
than to write for the public and have no self
Zak is the author of
Simple tale of revenge that spans different eras...and different worlds
To escape war, a temporal engineer is forced to land on Earth. Upon arrival the alien must kidnap a young woman in order to save her life. Yet it turns out she has a secret of her own...
After his father’s death, young Mort must come to terms with his inheritance. And it is is NOTHING like what he imagined it would be.
During a discussion about 7 years of sobriety, an independent coffee shop owner in California recounts his tumultuous start in ’business’...
Beginning the journey of the stranger known as ’The Crimson Arm of Time’
Mr. White has perished. The time machine is compromised. Enemies gather for the kill. Now, our erstwhile ChronArch returns in the form of Mr. Blue.
A kidnapped teenager with Temporal abilities learns to use her gifts from a mysterious man named ’Traveller’
Books Zak Recommends
The first 2 Chapters are fantastic examples of well-developed descriptive narrative, I also love present-tense. Difficult to use, but Mr. Heisner is gifted.
A female Archaeologist and an expat Seaplane Pilot deal with Air Pirates while hunting treasure in the South Pacific after WWII.
This is a difficult topic, and I've been there. I can't wait to see the next chapter...
A man comes to terms with the death of his ex-girlfriend.
I like the velocity; you're dipped into the narrative and before you know it you're soaked! ...SCAB! (haha)
A down-on-his-luck reporter and an intern have three days to solve the mystery of who robbed a San Francisco museum...if they cannot the cops intend to arrest them for the crime and a group of thieves who were planning a similar heist will kill them.
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