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I like it?  Are you still working on this?

Good Morning Everyone!!!

As I prepare to run off to work, I wanted to send out this quick update. So far we are at 21 orders! This is outstanding and I am truly grateful for each one!

As promised, the idea I had to reward you all. I make things. Usually from clay or things I find at various art or junk shops. What I will do is a raffle with prizes that will be awarded when we reach the Quill goal.

For every 25 orders I will pick a name from that batch and hat person will win a custom keychain! I will take suggestions for a concept, what colors the winner wishes and I will sculpt it from a polymer clay.

How I will do this is like this; eBooks get one name added while the full book gets two names. Now as an extra special bonus, not only would someone who orders three books get a higher chance at the raffle(6 names!), they will also automatically get a custom keychain!

And when we do hit Quill, using the same method, I will raffle off my Dragon Sculpture! I will finish it up and paint it in colors the winner wishes!

If you haven’t got your copy yet, it would mean the world to me if you did! Let’s keep the momentum going!

~S.J. Petersen

Hello everyone! It has been a week since I started campaigning! Time went by so fast, it’s all been a blur to me. But that might be due to spring break and how crazy my work has been. That and spring allergies have done quite a number on my sinuses, rendering me quite the zombie. As I sit here, recovering, I am thinking just how amazing it is so have 12 copies pre-ordered thus far. That’s 12 wonderful people to believe in my novel! For this I thank you all!

Now obviously this doesn’t stop here. There is still a lot of work to be done to get others who feel the same way and convince them to grab a copy as well. For those reading this, if you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, then please take a look at JT Stevensen and consider getting an ebook for yourself or a copy of the book as a gift for someone who enjoys fantasy and magic! Even better, recommend it to someone who may. 


I have a few ideas as a way to reward those who pre-order as the book reaches certain goals. Raffles seem to be very popular, so in the next few days I will announce what those will be! As a hint, I like to make things with my hans so that might be you a good idea.  

Thanks again everyone!

S.J. Petersen.

Magic. Jerimiah has always has been told such a thing don’t exist in the real world and to leave that for his video games. He knew he should listen and accept that as truth. However, on his 8th birthday something dreadful happens that changes everything.

Four years later, destiny reunites Jeremiah to where it all began, the house of his grandfather Victorio. Now nightmares that used to plague his dreams return to haunt him once again; two cloaked figures arguing with his grandfather in their backyard, and attacked him in ways he could only explain as magical.

Suddenly, strange and unexplainable things begin to happen at the house. Things that will make Jerimiah question everything he knew about his family and the world itself.

Hey guys and gals!  So I decided to try my hand at pre-orders. My friends and co workers have been asking when I would start the process, so I decided to stop hesitating.  Pre-Orders are now live.  Though work will continue to be busy with spring break in it’s final stretch, I hope to add more edited chapters posted as orders progress.  Please take a peek and consider purchasing a book!

~S.J. Petersen.

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Started reading through the prologue. You have a good concept here, but there’s a fair bit of passive writing that weakens (particularly the opening paragraph). See if you can tighten that up and it will really strengthen story.

Happy St. Patrick’s day!  For those of you who are still sober, or don’t partake in the extra activities of todays Irish celebration, an edited chapter 3 will soon be in coming for you’re reading pleasure. 

 In the mean time, here is my on going sculpture project. Call of the Crystals: An Adventure Awaits. 50% done. And below that is a previous one I made of Titan from FFXIV.   


Doing a little bit of cleaning and some more edits.   Right now just the prologue and chapter one will be available as I edit the rest.  Soon, I hope, I will be ready to start selling some pre orders.  Please read and feel free to leave me any comments.  Have an amazing day! 

Seems I am mastering the skill of not sending images right. :p So if you feel so inclined, you can see it here.


Greetings all!

Life (Work) has been keeping me extremely busy. Between that and attempting to finish several sculpting projects, I have been editing the manuscript and pooling ideas for future stories. After this round of edits, I believe I will take it to the next level and attempt to sell pre-orders.

We all know it’s a bit intimidating asking strangers, other authors and even friends to buy your book, but not even trying is worse then a failed attempt. I can procrastinate or I can just do it.

Below should be a peek at a sculpture I am currently working on (I have flubbed the image up once before). Inspired by the Final Fantasy series, these games got me started in art and continue to motivate me.


~S.J. Petersen

I hope everyone's new year has been good thus far. Though we had several great losses, we shouldn't lose hope for the potential of this year.

Work has been keeping me pretty busy as well as editing chapters on any free time I can find. With the first round of editing pretty much finished, I have to think about what I will do next.

I thought about entering Sword & Laser contest, but at that point I didn't feel confident yet until I had finished cleaning up the story. Now I have to decide, do I wait for the next contest while refining the story or start the pre-order campaign.

Friends and family are eagerly awaiting the start of pre-orders, however attempting to get new readers and other authors to commit on a pre-order is so very daunting.

For now however, I am curious to hear from anyone in regards your opinion. What do you think of the story so far with the five chapters upload so far? Right now the finished novel is roughly 60k in words, or about 18 chapters.

Have a wonderful weekend!