S.J. Petersen's latest update for JT Stevensen and the Agents of Vermillion.

Apr 15, 2016

Good Morning Everyone!!!

As I prepare to run off to work, I wanted to send out this quick update. So far we are at 21 orders! This is outstanding and I am truly grateful for each one!

As promised, the idea I had to reward you all. I make things. Usually from clay or things I find at various art or junk shops. What I will do is a raffle with prizes that will be awarded when we reach the Quill goal.

For every 25 orders I will pick a name from that batch and hat person will win a custom keychain! I will take suggestions for a concept, what colors the winner wishes and I will sculpt it from a polymer clay.

How I will do this is like this; eBooks get one name added while the full book gets two names. Now as an extra special bonus, not only would someone who orders three books get a higher chance at the raffle(6 names!), they will also automatically get a custom keychain!

And when we do hit Quill, using the same method, I will raffle off my Dragon Sculpture! I will finish it up and paint it in colors the winner wishes!

If you haven’t got your copy yet, it would mean the world to me if you did! Let’s keep the momentum going!

~S.J. Petersen