S.J. Petersen's latest update for JT Stevensen and the Agents of Vermillion.

Jan 16, 2016

I hope everyone's new year has been good thus far. Though we had several great losses, we shouldn't lose hope for the potential of this year.

Work has been keeping me pretty busy as well as editing chapters on any free time I can find. With the first round of editing pretty much finished, I have to think about what I will do next.

I thought about entering Sword & Laser contest, but at that point I didn't feel confident yet until I had finished cleaning up the story. Now I have to decide, do I wait for the next contest while refining the story or start the pre-order campaign.

Friends and family are eagerly awaiting the start of pre-orders, however attempting to get new readers and other authors to commit on a pre-order is so very daunting.

For now however, I am curious to hear from anyone in regards your opinion. What do you think of the story so far with the five chapters upload so far? Right now the finished novel is roughly 60k in words, or about 18 chapters.

Have a wonderful weekend!