S.J. Petersen's latest update for JT Stevensen and the Agents of Vermillion.

Mar 2, 2016

Greetings all!

Life (Work) has been keeping me extremely busy. Between that and attempting to finish several sculpting projects, I have been editing the manuscript and pooling ideas for future stories. After this round of edits, I believe I will take it to the next level and attempt to sell pre-orders.

We all know it’s a bit intimidating asking strangers, other authors and even friends to buy your book, but not even trying is worse then a failed attempt. I can procrastinate or I can just do it.

Below should be a peek at a sculpture I am currently working on (I have flubbed the image up once before). Inspired by the Final Fantasy series, these games got me started in art and continue to motivate me.


~S.J. Petersen