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Meeting The Recruits

“Ladies, get up, we have class this morning.” Sebastien says as he starts shaking both of the girls awake. Kathryn sits up and rubs her eyes and glares at Sebastien.

“It is far too early to be getting up. Why would they have classes so early?” Katherine complains as she sits up and stretches her arms out. Her brown hair is all in knots and full of static. Kathryn snickers at her appearance.

“Yours isn’t much better.” Sebastien comments with a smile on his face. Kathryn’s face turns red and she touches her hair. Sebastien and Katherine start laughing.

“Okay. What is this class?” Katherine asks as she starts running her fingers through her hair. Sebastien pulls the schedule out and looks over the classes.

“History.” He says. Both of the girls groan and roll their eyes.

“I don’t want to learn about human wars. They were probably started over boring unimportant things. If anything they should teach these kids about our war, since we did change the fate of all three worlds with it and we still didn’t manage to fully reach our goal.” Katherine says. Sebastien nods with a smile.

“Yes, well, you don’t have to be the ones learning it. You just get to sit back and relax while I go and listen to humans drone on about these boring unimportant subjects.” Sebastien says. The girls breathe a sigh of relief and Katherine jumps up from the bed.

“Right! Let’s get to our first day of classes!” She shouts. Sebastien chuckles and stands up as well. He holds his arms out to his sides and closes his eyes. Katherine steps up with her back against his chest and does the same. She slowly sinks into his body as Kathryn stands up and does the same. Sebastien waits a minute for the body to adjust before leaving his room with the key in his pocket.

He pulls out the map and finds that there is a whole other block in the back of the school grounds where all of the academic buildings are. The map itself is not very helpful though because the buildings aren’t labeled and there isn’t a key. Just four buildings in the shape of a square on what seems to be the back of campus. He sighs and crumples up the map before making his way down the single sidewalk that leads down the back of campus toward the school.

“This place is so lonely. Where are all of the students?” Katherine asks. Sebastien shrugs in response as he walks under an arch that leads into the quad. The quad is a surprise because there are so many students milling around everywhere and the buildings are a nicer yellow color. Off the path a bit there is a two story brick building with a stain glass window on the front of it.

“Whoa.” Katherine comments as she looks through Sebastien’s eyes. “Is that the library?” She asks as they look at the brick building.

“It looks like it.” Sebastien replies. He turns toward the first building and sees a label. “At least these buildings are named.” He comments as he reads each of the buildings before finally turning to the last one, history. “Here goes nothing.” He says as he walks toward the building. He looks down at the schedule and finds the room number, 161. He looks up to finds that it’s the first one in the hall. He steps up and looks inside, he goes to step in but stops in his tracks when he sees the teacher.

“Why are we hesitating?” Katherine asks. Sebastien shakes his head and makes his way to the back of the classroom. Two students sit around him, the girl next to him and the boy behind him.

“Damn. I didn’t think he meant brand new angels. We have to be really careful with these guys, they haven’t even been battle tested yet. The teacher has though, we will have to meet with them after class.” Sebastien says as he watches the girl out of the corner of his eye. She’s fidgeting nervously and wringing her wrists. He feels a thumping on the back of his chair and realizes that the boy is the same way. He takes a deep breath and settles down in his chair. Then, he senses something and shoots up in his chair looking around the room for the dark presence and finds it staring right at him from the front corner of the room. A man with silver hair and red eyes.

“He didn’t even try to disguise himself.” Kathryn comments. Sebastien looks away from the man and back at the teacher who is getting ready to start class. The teacher clears his throat and looks down at his papers nervously before beginning.

“Hello everyone, I will be your new instructor. My name is Mr. Cross.” He greets the class. Sebastien has to pinch himself to keep from laughing at the ridiculous name.

“Couldn’t he have just kept his regular name? The worst the students would have thought is that he is from a different country.” Katherine comments. This time Sebastien can’t help himself and he laughs out loud. Mr. Cross turns and glares at him.

“Is something funny Mr….?” He goes to say a name but realizes he doesn’t know any. Sebastien straightens up with the smile still on his face.

“Sebastien.” He introduces himself. Three sets of eyes widen at his name but they quickly regain their composure.

“Of course. Well, is something funny, Sebastien?” Mr. Cross asks. Sebastien shakes his head with a smile.

“Not at all, please continue.” He says. Mr. Cross nods and turns to write on the board. Some of the humans secretly give Sebastien glares for making the new teacher nervous and he just shrugs his shoulders. For the rest of class he stares out the window until three figures tower over his desk. He turns to see the teacher and the two students standing over him.

“Well, hi there. Do you mind giving some personal space?” He comments as he makes a motion for them to back up. He stands up and holds out his hand to the boy with a smile. “I’m Sebastien.” He greets. The boy looks at his hand confused. “You’re supposed to shake it and tell me your name.” Sebastien explains. The boy nods in understanding with a frown on his face.

“Jasper.” He says as he slowly shakes Sebastien’s hand. He nods and turns to the girl with his hand out.

“Petra.” She tells him while also slowly shaking his hand with the same frown on her face. He smiles and then turns to the teacher and frowns at his appearance.

“Show me your true form and then tell me your name.” He says. He watches as the old, chubby, hairless teacher turns into a lean blonde haired man in a pair of skinny jeans and no shirt. Sebastien takes in this new appearance and gulps before holding his hand out again.

“Gabriel.” The man tells him. Sebastien’s eyes widen at the name and he smiles.

“Well, I always heard you were hot but I figured that’s what people said about every male angel.” Sebastien comments and Gabriel looks at him with disgust.

“Excuse me?” He asks offended. Sebastien quickly covers his mouth with wide eyes.

“I’m sorry. I got distracted. Anyway, this mission is going to be a tricky one. Did Father fill you in?” He quickly changes the subject. They all shake their heads. “Right, well, we are in a race against time to find a very important Demon Queen. It is my job to bring her home safely. If I can I will get my body back and be able to leave Hell once and for all.” He explains.

“D-demons? We have to deal with demons?” The girl asks. Katherine snickers at the response. Sebastien smiles and nods.

“Yes. You will be dealing with demons. I know that you two are most likely not battle tested but we will have plenty of time for learning to fight against demons.” He says as he looks over the girl’s shoulder to see the silver haired man waiting for him outside the door of the classroom. “That’s all for right now, I will talk to you all again tomorrow. I need to go take care of something now.” He finishes and walks away from them to meet with the silver haired man.

“Name and rank, demon.” He demands. The man raises his hands.

“Damon and I am simply a messenger. I keep an eye out and if things start to get interesting I can call up armies to go against you guys. For now though we need to sign a treaty that there will be no fighting between our races until the Queen has been found. Does that work for you?” He asks. Sebastien nods with a frown on his face.

“I would rather not fight at all but that won’t be possible until Satan is dead. Which we will make sure to finish next time we see him.” He tells the demon. Damon just nods and pulls out the scroll with the treaty written on it.

“Sure, sure, just not before this treaty runs out.” He says. He pulls out a fountain pen and hands it over to Sebastien and he quickly signs it. He hands it back to Damon and starts walking away. “I look forward to working with you, sir.” Damon sneers as he disappears into thin air. Sebastien stops for a second and his back stiffens at being called “sir”. He walks back to his room without a word from either girl, which is probably for the best because he’s in a bad mood, and he lays on the mattress and drifts off to sleep.

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