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A Hard Reset

Today is the day, the sisters are reuniting after the promised two years. Elisabeth has started losing her mind because of her conflicting thoughts on her twin, she did finally learn the truth but there’s something stopping her from fully believing it. Kathryn has grown stronger and can now use all of her senses after having her second brush with death. The rebels are storming the castle today, everyone knows they are. Mines have been set all the way up the path to the castle and no guards have been placed because their father thinks mines should be enough.

“Elisabeth?” Her father asks. She sits straight up and looks over at him with an annoyed glint in her eyes.

“What?” She demands. He smiles at her and lowers his head in response.

“The rebel troops are here. Maybe it would be best to retire to the Queen’s quarters. You will be safer there.” He tells her. She glares at him.

“Why do you care? Wouldn’t you rather have all three of us dead?” She questions. He smirks and looks back up into her eyes.

“You are the perfect child, why would I want you dead? You have always done everything I tell you to without question. Your brother and sister however have been rebellious since the day they were born so yes, I want them both dead.” He explains. She raises her chin a bit higher.

“Well what if I’m the same as them, just really good at hiding it?” She asks. He laughs and stands up next to her.

“The difference between you and your siblings is that you are a full blooded demon. Your brother and sister are tainted by your mother’s angel blood. You like doing these things because it is in your nature, not just because I’m asking you to.” He says. She nods and looks back out the window. The ground starts shaking and she feels a pit form in her stomach as screams of pain reach the castle. She stands from her chair and walks out of the room. She reaches the door to her mother’s old room and opens it slowly.

“Mom?” She asks as she walks inside and closes the door. She looks around for a second and then sits down on the bed. “Mom, I don’t know what to do. Father did something to me and I can’t remember what is truth and what is not. What should I do?” She asks. A hand lands on her shoulder and she jumps before turning to see her mother sitting beside her with a smile on her face.

“Elisabeth, you have grown into such a nice young girl. I only know of one way to stop the mind control your father has on you. This is an act of rebellion against him, you will become like your brother and sister, are you sure you want to do this?” She asks. Elisabeth nods. “Okay. The only way to stop it is to do a hard reset.” She explains. Elisabeth sits confused for a second before realization dawns on her.

“I have to kill myself? But that would just be the end. I don’t want to die yet.” She starts to panic. Her mother smiles and touches her shoulder again.

“It will not be death. You will be sent to the human world and once you awaken completely in the human world and remember who you are the block your father put up will be removed.” She explains.

“But, I’ll be alone.” She says.

“No. I’m sending your sister after you. She will work with her new friends to protect you in the human world. Once you are fully awakened please destroy your father.” Her mother says. Elisabeth nods. “I have to go now. I hope to see you again someday.” She says before disappearing. Elisabeth can hear footsteps sounding down the hallway, just one set. She smiles and takes a deep breath before standing up and walking to the window where she sees the extent of the destruction her father has caused to the castle. The forest that had surrounded it was now mostly fallen and mixed between the trees were the bodies of the humans that had come to the raid with Kathryn. She hears the footsteps stop outside the bedroom door so she turns and grabs the dagger off the mantle and waits for the door to open. The door slowly opens and she turns around to see a man standing there with a shocked look on his face.

“Elisabeth, what are you doing here?” He asks. Confusion fills her mind but she doesn’t give it time to take over as she raises the dagger. Kathryn jumps out of the man’s body and runs toward her but she just smiles with tears in her eyes.

“Thank you.” She says before driving the dagger into her chest and for the first time in her whole life she feels at peace. Kathryn catches her before she falls but there’s nothing she can do to help her sister. She cries while rocking her sister’s body back and forth before Sebastien grabs her arm and quickly pulls her away and safely back into him. They are about to run away when he sees someone familiar standing in the corner of the room. The moment of hesitation causes them to get caught by the guards but Sebastien had saved up enough of his angelic power to complete his one final task. With a stomp of his foot the castle was leveled and then they pass out.

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