Notes from the Author

God is dead by joe schmoe 

This is not an autobiographical tale. Sure people I know have died in my life but I don’t think that’s the inspiration for this story. However, sometimes you don’t really know where an emotion is coming from. I guess, the idea came to me in a dream and therefore actually might be bad. I guess it’s just pure selfessness that writes the story. 

When you do stupid things, and your’e life continues to down a pointless path because of it. Sure I like my life but it’s only because I believe I really should be homeless. I’ve accomplished nothing and because I’ve dated noone I feel lonely. This is what the book is about. Maybe it should be about more important things, but it’s not. The book is about loneliness. The book’s plot is about a lonely dead god who doesn’t know theyre god. Plus who knew theyre a women. Not really sure why, the book was written by a man.

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