Christopher Lee
You had me at Steampunk!
E.N. Ferril
This is awesome!
Eric H. Heisner
Looks to be a Classic Steampunk adventure with great characters, awesome machines and an engaging story. Aviators, Aviatrixs & Airships makes for great adventure!!
Ken Lindsey
A classic Steampunk adventure, written with a bold and crisp narrative. I've longed for a new, fresh story like this for quite some time. Check it out!
Stephen Carignan
With a clearly driven protagonist and goals, Gaia's Brood wastes no time in setting up the stakes for the journey the reader and the characters are about to undertake. The method with which the author describes the world, furthers the story and builds the tension while creating backstory at the same time. The end result is someone the reader is following, worried about her success, and seeking answers along with the character.
Kelsey Rae Barthel
They had me at airships! Love it
Nell Walton
Great trailer and intro!
Dann Matias
Very interesting read! Check this one out
Joshua Griffith
quite an exciting and fun read. Nina and her ragtag crew on an airship that could fall out of the sky at any moment, evading the law while on a personal quest. Reminds me of Firefly in so many ways, come check it out!
Jeremy Hill
This looks like a fun book. Anyone interested in steampunk?