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Ken Lindsey

Author of Clockwork Charlie and reader of so many things, consumer of great quantities of coffee, eater of much sushi.
Ken is the author of
Charlie just wants to work on cars in peace. Until a stranger arrives with news about her father’s death. He says she has a Gift, and she’s needed in a war that’s been hidden from the world for ages. Charlene has to find the truth-and make a choice.
Books Ken Recommends
The opening excerpt of 'Squids In' is packed with humor and over-the-top awkwardness. So obviously, I'm enjoying it immensely!
When the world’s best online gamer turns out to be an octopus, it’s not long before he goes missing...
A classic Steampunk adventure, written with a bold and crisp narrative. I've longed for a new, fresh story like this for quite some time. Check it out!
Airships, floating cities, Steampunk adventure.  Nina Swift ducks and dives through a dystopian future to track down her lost mother.
Come find out about Treb as he prepares to compete for a chance to get off of a dying planet. Great premise and writing so far, you won't be disappointed.
The sun is dying, depleted  by the energy demands of interstellar travel. Treb must compete with 40,000 other transhumans in the last crowdfunding contest to secure one of the final tickets. Get ready, they are about to reset the system.
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