C. Brennecke
This contest is a great opportunity for Inkshares authors to get a short story into print. Check it out, follow, and submit something great!
Janna Grace
Such a brilliant idea, follow bow to help make it a reality!!
Anna, aka...
This should be a great collection, looking forward to it!
Alan Tucker
Really cool idea and any of you budding authors out there with a work set in the far future can submit!
Yicheng Liu
An interesting proof of concept worth your attention! :D
What a great idea. I'm in and I hope those of you that write will be too, and those that don't....well follow this one, could be an amazing project at its conclusion
Brien Shores
Check out this great collaborative anthology!
Tony Valdez
The Inkshares authors anthology. Let's make this happen!
Matthew Isaac Sobin
Great idea! Looking forward to it.
Thomas J. Arnold